Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's Finally Friday

I am SO tired right now but I want to blog quickly before bed. As I think I mentioned, next week is the board meeting. We're also nearing corporate year end so there are a ton of things finishing up. I was moving STACKS of paperwork all day. My "active files" pile is almost a foot high!!! It's nuts. I got *a LOT* done today but I still had (chose) to stay about 40 minutes late so that I'm ready when I go back on Monday. Oh, and what to I get to go into? Back to back conference calls starting at 7am! Uggh! That's the kind of week it's going to be.

So this evening I left work (late) stopped at Starbucks for a Java Chip Frapp and drove to a town about a half an hour away to meet up with Deb and return the sidekick and sizzlits that I borrowed from her. Then I did an LSS round trip. I (finally) got most of the ribbon I need for a swap I'm signed up for. It was fun driving around and shopping but it made for a long day.

Seth called while I was driving. He and his friend Trevor decided yesterday to go up and surprise Robert. Robert's birthday was on Thursday so Seth and Trevor are going to just show up on his doorstep and help him celebrate. I'm glad he's doing that. I talked to Robert and he's doing good but he misses his family. Seth just got a promotion at work so he's flying high :)

Weekend plans? Shopping at Costco with Mom tomorrow and a birthday party for Katherine (who went to the Vancouver, Dierk's concert with me) on Sunday.


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Donnann Tritten said...

Yes Heidi it was my first time to see George Strait in concert. It was amazing. Taylor Swift did sing too. She is a good singer, she is only 17 and looks a lot like Hilary Duff. I did think of you though!!