Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

So, in my continuing quest to learn about football, I watched the Super Bowl today...or more accurately I should say I *listened* to the game. Mom and Dad came over and while it was on, I organized pictures and cut some sizzix titles. I admit I missed most of the game but it was fun to see all the pomp and circumstance that surrounded it.

Oh, and who was I cheering for? Well, I always like to base my Super Bowl allegience on something incredibly shallow. When the New England Patriots were in it I cheered for them because they had the cutest quarterback. (I won five bucks on one of the games too!)

Today I cheered for the Colts because Peyton Manning is a friend of Kenny Chesney and that's enough reason for me :D I'm glad they won. That means Peyton is happy, Kenny is happy and that makes me happy :)


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Martha said...

Ah, your choosing a team is just about as complicated as my husband's. He rooted for the Bears, because the team he picks always loses and his co-workers were all against the Bears and he wanted them to be happy. His co-workers were all happy and Dom just said "I did my part I'll have you know." He's proud his losing streak is intact...