Friday, February 23, 2007

Mixing business with pleasure

So yesterday as I'm scrambling to get ready for the board meeting I talked to my mom. (I was coalating handouts so my head was free but my hands were busy) I had a few things to talk to her about and then she mentions "By the way, your Uncle Doug called"
Me: "Oh yeah, how's he doing"
Mom: "Good, he's in town for a meeting. He and Dad (my dad) are going for dinner tonight"
Me: "Really... Where's his meeting"
Mom: "At a hotel by the airport"
Me: "Really... Guess where I'm going to be tonight?"
Mom: "In Vancouver?"
Me: "Yes, AT the airport!!! I think I'll call Dad..."

So I call my dad, who by this time has spoken to my mom so the surprise is ruined :P

Me: "So I hear Uncle Doug is in town"
Dad: "Yeah, we're going for dinner tonight"
Me: "Have you decided where?"
Dad: "Not yet, he's off at five and we were going to figure it out then"
Me: "Well, if you go to one of the restaurants IN the airport, I can meet you there!" (Our board meetings happen in a hotel in the airport because we have a lot of directors that fly in. It's really convenient for them but until now, it's not really been an issue for me)

So, Dad called around five o'clock, I met him and Uncle Doug at Milestones in the domestic departure section of the airport, said "hi", ate a very quick dinner, listened to a fairly intense conversation on cholestrol. (If you remember, Uncle Doug is my dad's younger brother, the one that had the bypass surgery a few years ago: clicky) It was fast, but great. I haven't seen any of my extended family in almost two years so this was a start. I'm just glad it worked out so well!!!


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