Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude #12

I am thankful for fake Christmas trees.

Well, sort of. I prefer real ones. I grew up with real Christmas trees and having a fake one is hard for me, BUT there are many benefits to having a fake Christmas tree. I think the biggest benefit is that I can put it up on Remembrance Day and leave it up until the new year. You can't do that with a real one!

Yesterday afternoon Meredith came over to make cards (while I scrapbooked). She helped me rearrange the furniture in my living room and then we put up my Christmas tree. That's two years in a row that I've put it up on Remembrance Day. I like that :) We also put lights around the window in my bedroom and put a little tree on the dresser with my little train set.

So, while I don't really like fake Christmas trees, I am thankful that I can put it up early, and that they're allowed in my apartment (we're not supposed to have real ones).

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tosin said...

That is one of the best benefits! One of the hardest things every year is deciding when to get the tree (we cut our own) so that we get to have it up the longest without it being a bare branch with no needles by Christmas morning. If I went the fake route, I think I might have it up now myself!

Enjoy it!