Thursday, November 06, 2008

Texas Landmarks

When you think of Texas landmarks, what comes to mind? The Alamo? NASA? The Stockyards? All of those are popular and well known but there's another lesser known landmark that dozesns of individuals have made the trek to see. It was one that was near the top of my list for my trip. What is this mecca?

Stacy's Porch Swing

This weekend many women are making the trek to Texas. I don't know how many are actually going to stop by at this infamous spot but I had my chance in April 2007 and I treasure every minute I spent there :)


Nesa said...

WOW!! That's you and Stacy!! heehee. and you were close to where I live, well, I'm an hour north, but still!! LOL So cool to see two people I recognize and keep up with via blogs in the same picture!!

agent713 said...

Nesa, if I had "known" you, or at least been reading your blog back then, I so would have made plans to see you!!!

A funny about this picture though, when I was visiting Cousin Jean (about the geneology stuff) we were flipping through her three inch thick binder full of pictures and information about all my ancestors. We get to the end and STACY is there! Apparently she saw when Stacy tagged the picture on Facebook and since she didn't have one of me, she printed it. LOL

So there Stace, you're part of my family tree now LOL