Monday, November 17, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude #17

I am thankful for solitude.

I live alone. I usually have music on in the background but that is different than having people around. Today I'm at work and I have my end of the office all to myself because my boss and one of my co-workers are travelling.

The board meeting on Thursday and Friday went really well. For me, my busy time is after board meetings. I have a lot of files to update and routine stuff to do. Having a quiet office makes it so much easier to get this stuff done. I have the radio playing but I'm not being interrupted and it's wonderful.

I crave solitude and I always have. As a child I'd go to my room and close the door. Being alone makes me happy. As an adult I often schedule days or evenings where I'm just at home. Doing my thing, whatever that may be, quiet all by myself.

I am thankful for solitude.

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