Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude #24

I think I've mentioned before that November is by far my least favourite month of the year. Winter is my least favourite season and November is just the beginning of it. It's so dark and cold and usually wet. Even with the time change I still pretty much go to work in the dark and get home in the dark. Lately though, there has been one benefit to driving home as the sun is setting, I am treated to some incredible sunsets.
I took the picture on the left last week. The wispy clouds and the orange tinge to the sky was calming. Last night however, the sky was on FIRE. (The impact of this post is going to be lost because Blogger keeps rotating my photos but you get the point).

I took the first photo from my window at work and then I went down by the river and took the second two. The bridge is the one I travel across every day to get to work. The colours just kept intensifying as the sun set. Gorgeous.
So, even though November is a yucky month, I am thankful that there is beauty in every season and that we have been treated to this eye candy these past few days. Somehow it makes the limited light easier to handle :)

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shirley319 said...

What a coincidence - I blogged about the beautiful sunset I experienced today, too. Great pictures, even if one of them is rotated!