Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude #5

I am thankful that I have joined the 21st century.

File this under the "little things that make me happy" or "things that aren't a big deal, but neither is changing them".

A major component of my job is organizing face to face meetings and conference calls for our board of directors. Each time a meeting happens, formal minutes are taken. Minutes that I write. We're talking over 30 sets so far this year. Most of the minutes are confidential and my boss is paranoid about having them stored on the server. My computer doesn't have a cd burner so up to now I've been using 3.5" floppy disks. It works because it's just word documents that I'm storing but they're so LITTLE. 1.3 MB? I fill that up in about three months.

Apparently I'm getting a new computer. Something about my coworker's computer dying, and him inheriting mine which means I get a new one. This new computer will have a cd/dvd burner. As part of the conversation of "what Heidi needs on her new computer" I mentioned that I'm using this archaic system of saving documents. Bingo! In the time it takes to say the Staples slogan "That was easy!" they bought me an 8GB memory stick. Gigabyte! Eight of them! That's like 800 stupid little disks!!!

I don't really care if I get a new computer or not because frankly this one works just fine but I am thankful that I have joined the 21st century when it comes to saving documents.

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