Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today marks 45 since John F. Kennedy was assasinated. I got burned out with my recaps about my Texas trip and I never got around to posting about the day that Sherilyn and I spent in Dallas learning about JFK, his life and the day he died. Something hiccuped when I was backing up my pictures and I don't seem to have them on a cd. I do have them uploaded to Shutterfly (thankfully) and I saved these shots from there to share with you.

Being at the site where Kennedy was shot was very odd for me. I wasn't born when all this happened yet I would like to think I'm fairly familiar with the timeline and events. I learned more that day then I could ever take in though. Sherilyn was a great tour guide and made sure to point out the important spots like the "Grassy knoll" and the markings on the street where the car was when each of the shots hit him.

The JFK Memorial (seen left) was very underwhelming. Like many people, I just don't get it.

On the other hand, the Sixth Floor Museum was incredible. Sherilyn and I took the audio tour and when I think about it, my mind still reels from the incredible amount of detail they share...and even after all that, no one really has the answers. The museum does a good job, in my opinion, of being objective and covering the conspiracy theories but it definitely leaves you with a lot of questions.

Today people are remembering JFK.

I am remembering what I learned about him and his life. It's all I have.

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Sherilyn said...

JFK died on C's first birthday, so for me the day is a different thing.

I've driven down to the county records building a couple of times lately and on my way out of downtown the path to the highway leads through that area...right over the X's marked in the street...right along the path the limo used to take him to Parkland. Just did it last week, in fact.

And I usually go to Parkland once a month for the Newborns in Need delivery...they have a memorial for him set up in one of the hallways there, but it isn't a hallway we usually go down.