Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude #18

I have to confess, I'm having a hard time thinking of something to be thankful for today. Dance was great last night but it was long. New dancers were on from 7-8:10 (with the rest of us acting as "angels"), Mainstream was from 8:10-8:30 and Plus (the level I dance at) was from 8:30 to 9:30. By the time coffee and announcements were over and I got home it was well past 10. I didn't fall asleep until close to midnight and then I slept hard and fast and barely made it to work on time. Today my eyes are bothering me from staring at the computer to much, I spent an hour on the phone with our IT guy trying to figure out my scanner (my new computer isn't accepting the new settings). The sun is shining now but I've had to close my blinds because it was reflecting on my computer screen.

I'm scheduled to give blood tonight but I don't think I can honestly answer the "Do you feel well today" question with a "yes" so I'll probably skip. Dad wants to go see the new Bond movie but I think I need to just stay home. My kitchen is a mess from not being home and awake for more than a handful of hours in the past five days and the box of Christmas things that I pulled out last week when I put up my tree is still sitting in the middle of my living room.

So, if you've stayed to read my little pity party, I think I can now write about what I am thankful for.

I am thankful that THESE are my problems. I may not have a lot of money in the bank but all my bills are paid. I have food in the cupboard. I have a roof over my head, heat, a bed to sleep in, a job to go to in the morning, friends that care about me, things to do, happy memories, things to look forward to, peace in my soul.

I'm not wondering where my next meal will come from, where I'll sleep, how I can afford to buy clothes. I'm not fighting addition, or illness or adverse circumstances that are out of my control. I live in a beautiful province in one of the best countries in the world where I am encouraged to share my opinion (even if I do think there are too many elections going on ;)) and it is safe to walk down the street.

I am free to listen to who and what I want, believe what I want, be friends with who I want and pretty much do what I want.

I have a wonderful family that is practically dramaless (when compared with other families) and who I am looking forward to spending Christmas with.

So today, on the 18th day of trying to find something to be grateful for when I'm tired and in a bad mood, I would just like to say,

I am Heidi and I am Blessed!


MidniteScrapper said...

Okay...for someone that was having a hard time coming up with something - you about made me cry. =] We are so blessed. I loved this post.

shirley319 said...

Heidi, you have just blessed me! Thank you for reminding me all that I have.