Friday, November 07, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude #7

I'm thankful that my cold medication is all expired.

Wait, I know that sounds weird. Hear me out though. I have a minor head cold right now. Stuffy nose and a raw throat from mucus running down it. I went to drink some Neo-Citron and I realized that it had expired in September 2008. (I still drank it). That's a good thing though right? That my Neo-Citron is expired? It means that I haven't had a cold in awhile!!!

I also had some orange "cold and flu" capsules. I think they were Tylenol. I took them too. I feel a lot better today. I doubt it is because of my expired medication but it can't hurt.

So, I am thankful that my cold medication is expired because it means I haven't used it very much!

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