Thursday, August 10, 2006

ALW: Cowboys & Concerts

The one event that I like to attend annually is the local agri-fair. This year I only had two things I wanted to see. The rodeo, to get my cowboy fix, and the Friday night headliners, local BC Band, The Cruzeros.

The rodeo was good as always. We're starting to attract some big names and big money earners in rodeo which always makes it more interesting. Unfortunately I had to leave the rodeo early in order to see the concert, so I missed the fun stuff like bull riding. Oh well, maybe next year.

The Cruzeros were a lot of fun. I've heard their songs on the radio for awhile and I have their latest cd from the library. They put on a really fun show. Sort of rootsy/folk style. Their keyboard guy is amazing. He produces all sorts of really cool sounds.

Afterwards I got my picture taken with the three lead singers. Again, if blogger was allowing me to post I would :(


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