Friday, August 11, 2006


It's now Friday afternoon and I haven't finished updating my blog from LAST weekend. Let's see if I can finish up my last two entries before I have to leave.

August Long Weekend: ScrapShare Washington Crop 2.5

A bunch of my internet friends have an annual crop in Washington State in January. This year we had a member from the board fly out from Michigan so we decided to have a bi-annual get together, hence the "2.5".

I drove down with Terri, someone who I met online and face to face in Calgary at Showcase, who actually lives about 20 minutes from me, in the town where I used to work. Getting across the border took longer then it needed too because it was busy. Oh, and we accidently tripped their radiation sensor because we sat between the laser for too long so we had to go inside and explain ourselves to the guards. Once we did they let us go without a problem (not even a $6 fee!!!)

The Crop was a lot of fun. I got to sit beside Diane, our special guest from Michigan and my "twin" :) I am working on a 7x7 album of all the concerts I've attended so I organized the pictures and paper for that and cut out twenty titles! I used every letter of the alphabet but Q and Z! I'm acutually halfway done assembling the album as of today too.

We also celebrated my birthday. Everyone got awesome paper crowns and Di and Darrcie made me a really nice, very yummy cake. I don't actually have pictures of the event so I can't lament not being able to post them. If anyone who reads this DOES have pictures though, I'd love to have copies!!!

Saturday was good, the scrapbooking ended way too soon. Oh, and we got to take a trip to the LSS (local scrapbook store). Veronica, you'll be proud of me. I bought my first Basic Grey!!! I'm going to use it for the Brad Paisley concert from January.

Saturday night after we left the church where the crop took place we tried to find some fast food. Easier said then done. McDonalds closed at 10:30pm. On a SATURDAY! Wendy's only had the drive thru open. Very weird. We got back to Darrcie's and chatted until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Then we split up. A bunch of us stayed in Darrcies *very* nice trailer. Diane and I talked until we fell asleep in the middle of our sentences. It was fun :)

Sunday we got up, had breakfast, visited for awhile and then Terri and I hit the road again. On the way back we stopped at Michaels but didn't buy anything. Then we went to another LSS and each bought some BC stickers. Get this. They were regularly twenty nine cents but they were on sale for 75% off! Nine cents each!!! We did get a "project of the month" too so we did actually spend money :P

When I got home I watched the ABC Special CMA Fest that someone sent me on DVD. Then I went and laid down because I was pretty wiped from two late nights. That was at 6:30. I woke up at 10 and changed into my pj's and slept until 9 the next morning!

Stay tuned for Monday's adventures :)



Veronica in Aus said...

Good girl - I'm very proud about the Basic Grey :D

Terri in BC said...

Pictures are up on the BB! Had a great time, Terri

Emmy said...

I had such a great time and it was so great to see you again twin! Next time you need to come visit here :)