Monday, August 14, 2006


Friday afternoon I left work, headed home, finished packing, picked up Seth, picked up Aaron and hit the road. From my house to the campground was a drive of just over four hours. My parents had left about an hour before us but they had to stop and see Robert on the way. The reason we went to a campground so far away was because it was about ten minutes from his new place. They got to see his store and his apartment and we met them at the campground.

Driving was a lot of fun. We cranked Kenny and sang along. At one point we (Seth and I) were trying to sing along to "You Had Me From Hello" but we kept getting inturrupted and we had to restart the song about four times. You had to be there but it was hysterical.

By the time we got to the campsite it was dark. We had a really nice spot right down by the lake. There were willow trees lining the bank and you could see the lights from the highway across the lake reflecting on the water. Seth stayed with Robert for the weekend and Mom, Dad, Aaron and I stayed in the tent. Friday night I slept horribly. It was kind of damp out so my nose was running and I couldn't get comfortable.

Saturday morning the boys came over for breakfast (eggs, bacon and hashbrowns) and then we headed out to a classic car show by a different lake. It's always fun to watch my dad and brothers oohing and aahing over the shiny vehicles. We only spent an hour or so there before heading over to the Historic O'Keefe Ranch That was really neat. Lots of history and interesting displays. I forgot to clear my camera card before I left so for each picture I took I had to delete one at the beginning of the card (I've downloaded most of them but not all). It limited my picture taking which was probably a good thing.

By the time we got back to the campsite, via a fruit stand for nectarines and corn-on-the-cob, we were all really tired. The boys, Dad and I laid down and had a nap which was really refreshing.

Dinner was chicken, potatoes, carrots and the corn, cooked in foil packets over the fire pit. Yummy! After that we sat around the fire and reminisced about our childhood (like it's SO long ago :P) It was really nice though. We went to bed around 11 and slept really, really well. It was a lot dryer out so Dad didn't snore as much and my nose didn't run.

Sunday morning the boys came over for breakfast again (pancakes and breakfast sausages) and then we headed North to where my dad's sister and her husband had just gotten off a week on a house boat! I learned later that they (my aunt and uncle and my parents) had coordinated this ahead of time but when they called I thought it was a great coincidence.

We spent some time with them at Tim Hortons and then headed home. On the way back Seth and I had a great talk (while Aaron napped). I'm really glad we were able to fit that in.

Now it's Monday morning and I have a TON of stuff to do for work and personally. We're ramping up for the AGM in September at work so there are all sorts of mailouts and email blasts and deadlines to coordinate.

Personally I'm volunteering for the local summer games as well as fitting in all the fun summer stuff that I like to try and get involved with. I'll try and keep you posted as we go along.



Veronica in Aus said...

Two for the price of one? (your camping post somehow double posted)

Camping sounds like bliss - I really need to do more of that....though our house is a bit like a huge tent at the moment anyway :rolleyes:

agent713 said...

Yeah I noticed that. (That's the benefit of getting your own posts sent via feedblitz. You know when you've messed up). I've fixed it now. Only the people who read these comments will ever know :)

Camping is fun. We don't do it nearly often enough but I enjoy it when we do.