Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Aurora Borealis and Bears

For my birthday Darrcie gave me an issue of "Outdoor Photographer" Magazine. It has all sorts of tips and tricks for taking beautiful pictures in the outdoors. Most of it goes right over my head because I have a point and shoot camera that I haven't learned very much about but the pictures are absolutely gorgeous and the articles are inspiring.

Last night I read the article about photographing the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights. As often happens when I read before bed, the subject matter made it's way into my dreams. I was up on a platform watching the lights but I was too awestruck to actually use my camera (VERY rare for me). Later, it was light out and I was sitting on a similar platform with someone (I *think* it was a co-worker) anyways, I was snapping random shots of the underbrush and seeing what showed up on my view finder. In one of the pictures I realized there was a BEAR staring at me!!! It came out and ambled towards us. This HUGE kodiak bear. It was snorting and sniffing around. My companion was frozen but I kept taking pictures :rolleyes: After a few minutes it turned around and we RAN. Brilliant :P

Gotta love dreams!!!


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Darrcie said...

I'm glad the magazine could "inspire" your dreams! You sure do remember them vividly!! Hope your photos are inspired, as well. :-)