Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Roadhammers

Cool! Blogger is allowing photo uploads again.

So my summer concert series continues. I swear. I am a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d! I love the energy of the crowd at concerts and you feel like you get to know the artists a bit.

Last night was no exception. My friend Jenna and I headed into Vancouver to see the Roadhammers at the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition). The Roadhammers are the brain child of Canadian solo artist Jason McCoy (far left). After releasing a Greatest Hits CD he decided to try something new. He called up two friends, Chris Byrne (left) and Clayton Belamy (below) and they got together and produced a CD of trucking songs. Most of them are covers of old standards, some are new. They have a solid rock country sound that is GREAT live.
This whole thing has taken off for them majorly. It was supposed to be a one off thing to give Jason a bit of a break. Now they are planning a second album.

The Canadian Country Music Award Nominations were announced a few weeks ago and The Roadhammers are up for the following: Single of the Year, Video of the Year, Top Selling Album, Group of Duo of the Year, Fans Choice Award and others.

Jason was also voted as Male Vocalist of the Year and for SOCAN Songwriter of the Year.

The concert itself was just over an hour plus and encore, but every minute of it was high energy fun. I was grinning the whole time :) I've liked Jason as an artist for years but I was pleasantly surprised by Clayton Belamy. He is a great entertainer and easy on they eyes ;)

After the show Jenna humoured me by waiting in line with me so I could say hi and get their autograph and a quick picture.

Me and the guys :)

Have I mentioned lately that I love summertime? :D


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