Friday, August 25, 2006


I have four filing cabinets in my office. All have confidential information in them. All four keys go home with me every day. Two of the cabinets have the same style key as the mail box in my apartment.

The mail box is out in the foyer but since Seth and I are on opposite schedules and there is only one key, we leave it in our apartment and then whoever thinks about it gets to get the mail. There are also vents in the box so I can see if there is anything in there. Yesterday I stopped at home for about 3.5 minutes before rushing out again. On the way in I noted that there was something in the mail box. I grabbed the key and picked up my mail on the way out and put the key on my key ring. When I got home I took it off again.

This morning I got to work and realized that I had removed one of my filing cabinet keys from my key ring, not the mail key. What is in that filing cabinet? Everything I need to be able to work on board meeting minutes. That means I can't work on minutes to do.

I am so sad.


Now to remember to trade keys this evening!


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