Thursday, August 10, 2006

August Long Weekend: The Phone Chapter

This really was a long weekend, in a good way. I fit *so* much into it! I'm going to post updates as seperate chapters.

August Long Weekend ("ALW"): The Phone Chapter

First of all when I left work on Friday I went straight to the cell phone store where my friend Jenna works. We’ve talked a bit about phones and stuff and Friday I got one. It’s a basic Nokia. I picked it because it was free with the contract. I’m on an unlimited contract for the first three months and after that I have a pretty basic package. When I told Seth he was like “What kind of phone is it?”
“What’s the model number?”
“You chose it because it was free?”
“Yeah, we have the same phone”
Oh well, it’s actually been good. He’s been able to show me how to use it! The first thing he did for me was download “Living in Fast Forward” as a ring tone :D I still need to get a nice looking wallpaper (he has “Mater” from “Cars”) Then we’ll be able to tell them apart better.


PS I wrote this blog entry yesterday but the internet was down so I couldn't post it. Today at lunch I stopped by the dollar store for some scrubby pads and I got a really cute pink phone holder with a black embroidered "H" on it. I'd post a picture but blogger isn't letting me :(

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Veronica in Aus said...

Cool - it's about time you replaced that phone ;)