Thursday, August 24, 2006

Seniors Games

I'm volunteering this week for the BC Seniors Games. Yesterday was the opening ceremonies. I've been to a few now because my city has hosted a variety of different games over the years. Maybe it was my attitude but this one was the most boring one I've ever seen. Lots of bureacrats spouting off and the director droning on. One funny bit was after a dance troupe did a number the director thanked them and called them "the participants for the 2066 seniors games" :)

Luckily I had an excuse that allowed me to leave early. Church at 7:30. The service was fabulous as always but when I got home I couldn't sleep. I read for awhile, even reviewed my volunteer handbook (talk about boring!) but I didn't turn off the light until 11:30 or so (usually I like to be sleeping by 11pm).

At four am I woke up in the middle of a BRUTAL allergy attack. My eyes were so itchy and my nose was running like crazy. After cleaning my face up a bit it took me almost an hour to get back to sleep. When I did, I had horrible dreams. As a general rule I am a dreamer. Usually they are good happy (if odd) dreams. Last night they weren't good, or happy. I ended up sleeping in and getting to work about 10 minutes late (very, very unlike me). I'm still feeling a bit fuzzy in the head although my co-worker had an antihistimine for me which is helping.

Tonight I'm helping out at the badminton venue at MEI (Meredith's highschool). I plan on going to be early and hopefully I'll have better luck then last night.


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