Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Heidi Show

This morning the new Keith Urban single "Once in a Lifetime Love" hit radio. The record label made a big deal about it (especially since the record itself doesn't come out until November sometime) so my local radio station decided to make a big deal of it as well. They are playing the song at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 am just after the news.

The song itself is so so. I'm not a huge Keith Urban fan and it is very much his "style". I'm sure hardcore Keith fans will love it (especially since it's been awhile since he put out new music). I love that they played it regularly in the morning though. I called the radio station and told them that too. (This is the station that has given me tickets in the past).

I had a great chat with the morning show host Doug. I thanked him for previewing the song like this and said that I thought ALL new music should be given this much airtime. When I launched into Dierks he cut me off and said "Hang on a second and I'll bring you back live, I want everyone to hear what you have to say" Oooookay...

About 15 seconds later he brought me back live. I repeated my comments on the new single and on the preview format and then we went back to Dierks. I said that Dierks new single "Every Mile a Memory" ("EMAM") should have been previewed the same way (it came out about six weeks ago). Doug agreed and mentioned that Dierks has a new cd coming out called "Long Trip Alone". I said "Yep, and they just moved the release date up from Halloween to October 17th!" Doug was really impressed that I knew that because he just found out yesterday. I did inform him that I was in the fan club. He said that EMAM is in the top twenty already which means we should start hearing it on the radio more (finally!!!) I told him that I am voting for it on their new "Top 5 @ 5" (which debuted yesterday) and that gave him a lead in to do a plug for that show. We ended the call with Doug calling it "The Heidi Show" LOL

I think I may have a future in radio!!!



Veronica in Aus said...

LOL - you crazy girl!! I've never called a radio station - and here you got put on air!

Emmy said...

You go girl! Reading this totally reminded me of when I used to be a "regular" on a station that used to be out in WA. I will have to blog about it :)

Mel said...

Very cool! I am so jealous. I have been on the radio once, but I would love to be a dj.. too bad I don't have the voice for radio.


tosin said...

So great!! I would tune into "The Heidi Show" anytime!