Monday, August 21, 2006

The Phantom of the Opera

Where to start. First off, a pledge to myself. When I say I am going to go see a stage show I am going to buy the tickets immediately. My friend Heather and I decided to go see Phantom back in May (or before). We bought tickets last Tuesday. We’re both horrible procrastinators (I’m the worst) and it was just plain stressful.

That said, even with the last minute planning and the fact that we had to pay more for our tickets, we’re really glad we went. Another friend, Sharon, was able to join us as well and we had a really nice time.

Saturday was HOT so we all dressed up, but not too fancy. My mom babysat Heather’s son Noah which meant I had to pick up Sharon, pick up Heather and Noah, drop off Noah and THEN hit the road. It all worked out though. We made a point of leaving extra time and we needed it. The traffic into Vancouver was brutal for a Saturday. We got there with a few extra minutes to spare so we ran across to the courtyard at the library for a snack (the same place you and I went Mere).

The show was fantastic. Meredith and I went and saw Les Miserables in November 2004 (gosh that sounds like forever ago!!!) and with both of the shows, I got SO much more out of the live stage production then I did out of the movies I have seen of them. For Phantom it was a lot brighter (set wise), more vibrant, funnier and emotionally poignant then the movie had been.

The cast was excellent. My favourite was Raoul. I just liked the sound of his voice. Everyone else liked the Phantom. They were all great though.

Afterwards we went to the Macaroni Grill for dinner before heading home. All in all a wonderful, enjoyable day. I love live theatre!!!


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TheFunkyCowboy said...

Nothing beats live theatre there is just something so magical about it all and that is pretty special

Hope all is well :)