Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Don't Cook

How many times have you heard me say that in the past. "I don't cook. I bake." It's true. The good news is just because I "don't" cook, doesn't mean I "can't"!

I figure cooking can't be all that different from baking. If you have a recipie with an ingredient list and instructions, it should be fairly simple to follow. So far I'm doing alright. A few weeks ago I made manicoti with a yummy mushroom sauce. Rather fidly and HIGH in fat but worth it. Last night I made chili and cornbread muffins. I made the chili with my mom's recipie so I had enough for dinner and I've frozen five more containers of it for "on the go" lunch or dinner.

So I'm doing okay. Not ready to entertain but not afraid of the kitchen either.



Murray and Tracy said...

You crack me up. You sound like you are enjoying living on your own. In no time you will be a chef!!

agent713 said...

Something like that :) The "not ready to entertain" line was for you. I do plan on having you guys over as soon as I get some more furniture and proper light fixtures though!

tosin said...

The difference between cooking and baking is preciseness. Baking is all measurements and equations. With cooking you just follow your instincts and fiddle with it.
My engineer DH is better at baking. My flibbertegibbit self is better at cooking. With baking you have to follow rules - I am a rule breaker.

agent713 said...

That's a good point toemi. I'll take consolation in that :)

Kaesmom said...

Oh definitely fiddle with the ingredients in cooking! Baking is too... particular. Go with the flow when you're cooking. Try somethign different. If the recipe calls for something you don't have on hand, improvise! Because you CAN. :)