Wednesday, September 20, 2006

BC Lions Football

Saturday, September 16th continued

After leaving Sheri I made my way over to downtown Vancouver. There I met my family for dinner at Rosie's on Robson (Remember that restaurant Mere? You and I went there one time...) The boys and Seth's friend Blair were REALLY late because they are men and refuse to ask for directions. (Tell me how you end up on the North Shore when you are looking for BC Place???) Anyways it was a decent meal and from there we headed over to BC Place for the BC Lions football game.

Football is my new "thing". I grew up listening to hockey on the radio. I've always been a Vancouver Canucks fan. In school I learned how to play basketball and other sports but not football. At the end of August I joined a fantasy football league with some other SSer's. We're playing mostly for bragging rights but I'm doing it so I actually care about the game. So far I'm second in our league (out of twelve). Not bad for someone who let the auto draft pick her players :)

Anyways, I've wanted to go to a football game for quite a few years. I've just never made it out. When we were visiting Robert in August we (my family) looked at the Lions schedule and realized that there was a home game on Saturday the 16th, two days after Seth's 23rd birthday. Robert gave me cash for his ticket and promised to come down so it made us commit. Seth talked a few of his friends into coming as well and we made it a celebration for his birthday.

Our tickets were pairs scattered around the end zone (a cheaper deal from 7-11). One of the pairs was front row and I got to sit there during the second half. It was a lot of fun. The boys were cheering so loud that Seth pretty much lost his voice. His friend Blair got the wave going around the whole stadium. And, to top it off, the Lions won :)

I got football stickers in my Showcase goodie bag in 2004. I *finally* get to use them!!!


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