Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Business or Pleasure?


Friday I leave for Washington, DC. Seth will drive me to the airport and I will arrive at Dulles Airport at eight something pm, eastern time. There one of my ScrapShare friends will pick me up and take me to a local hotel where a group of us (30 or so) will be. I believe I'm the only international attendee at this retreat but we have quite a few states represented including Florida and Texas.

We'll be there Friday, all day Saturday and for most of Sunday. Following the retreat the plan is to do a "50 cent tour" of Washington, DC. There are some monuments and sights that I want to see.

Monday one of the attendees will drive me from DC to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There I'll meet up with my co-workers for our Annual General Meeting. Tuesday shouldn't be too bad but Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are going to be really long hours. If I get a chance to blog I will but don't count on it.

Saturday we were supposed to be hosting a golf tournament in New Jersey. Due to low registration it was cancelled. Instead of re-booking my flight (from Sunday to Saturday) I convinced my boss to let me just hang out in Philly for the day. The plan is to meet up with Shirley from NJ and her daughters to do some sightseeing and then hook up with Pam in PA for dinner.

Sunday I fly home.

It's taken a lot to get ready and I have a ton to do tomorrow but I am very excited for it.

So, if I don't talk to y'all for awhile, have a fantastic week!!!


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