Thursday, September 21, 2006

Talking to Strangers

I just got an email from Deb reminding me not to talk to strangers. It reminded me of a conversation my co-worker (the one I went to Whistler with) and I had when we found out that golf was cancelled. She changed her flight so she could spend a few days with her sister which left me to fly home alone. I told her that I was okay with that because while it is nice to have a travelling companion, I actually enjoy flying alone. Plus I said, sometimes you get interesting seat mates. I like talking to strangers. Her reply was "you? Like talking to strangers? I never would have guessed" Note the STRONG sarcasm. LOL

So, yes, I'm planning on having a good flight and if I have any interesting conversations with strangers I'll be sure to report on them.



Wendy said...

talking of strangers, I tagged your blog.
Aussie Wendy

Veronica in Aus said...

I briefly talked to a stranger on my flight back from Bris-Vegas. She was leaning on the volume control for my headphones and had caused the volume to go up so loud, it nearly blasted me! LOL

Oh - and we also commented to each other on the temperature arriving in Melbourne (it was high 20s in Brisbane when we left and only 6 deg C in Melbourne!)