Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blogging Backlog: Sept 14-16.5

Wow. I am WAY behind on my blogging. Since I'm leaving town and will have spotty access at best I'm going to take some time to update what has happened in the past week or so. (Keep in mind I do this for all my loyal readers but also so I have a record for when I get around to scrapbooking this part of my life).

Thursday, September 14th
Dance started up again. I was REALLY tired that night but I made it through with very few mistakes. It feels good to be moving again (even though I was pretty sore the next day) and it's fun to wear my fancy crinolines and skirts.

Friday, September 15th
The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Bazzar and Fundraiser. Mom and I went for the first time. It is an annual event, we've just never made it before. We browsed rows and rows of second hand items and gorgeous handmade quilts. I never did take any pictures because I wasn't sure if I could and there were almost too many people to get a clear shot. It was like a giant homecoming. In the space of about two minutes I saw the ex-mayor, the current mayor, my chiropractor, my accountant and three ex-co-workers!!! It was a lot of fun though. There was some great energy in the air and it was a very successful event.

Saturday, September 16th. I left the house just past 10 o'clock and didn't return until midnight!!!
First stop was the local farmers market. There are some great deals there on fresh produce. I didn't buy much because I will be gone for so long. I did get some fresh mushrooms and bread.
Second stop was Janis' to drop off product from Deb.
Third stop was Ikea! I've been wanting to go there ever since I moved out. Saturday I finally did it. I am very proud of myself though. I went in for some very specific things and basically stuck to my list. My most exciting purchase was a halogen lamp for my front room. I think I've mentioned how horribly badly that room needs light. Well, for fifteen bucks, it now has it! I can't tell you how wonderful it is. That combined with my new couches from Janis...wait...have I mentioned that? Remember how I was house sitting for Janis at the beginning of the year? Well they are back now but moving to the island. She offered me (us) her couch, love seat and chair, kitchen table and four chairs and bar-b-que!!! I jumped at them. Seth had a couch and a chair but it really wasn't enough seating. Especially when we are both home at the same time or if I ever want to do entertaining. Anyways, the second weekend in Seth, Dad and I picked them up (after I got back from Whistler) and we took Seth's old couch and chair to Mom and Dad's.

So, back to my front room. The "new" furniture, paired with the lamp and a proper kitchen table makes the place feel totally liveable. Now when people ask "have you settled in?" I can honestly say yes and mean it. It's a great feeling (Thanks Janis!!!)

Back to Saturday. From Ikea I made my way to the Vancouver Airport. A ScrapShare Sister, CMSheriTX and her husband Mark had just finished an Alaskan Cruise so Sue and I met her for coffee at the Tim Hortons. Here we are:

We had a wonderful time. Sheri and her husband are wonderful people. I wish we could have spent more time together.

Stay tuned, the rest of Saturday is coming right up...


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