Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SLW: Recap

My September Long Weekend turned out to be pretty uneventful. Friday I took Seth to his friends house in "The 'wack" and stopped at the LSS. I spent more then I should have on paper and...actually I only bought paper. I got my first set of Basic Grey monograms and letter stickers too but they are on the paper rack so it mostly just counts as that :P At home, after preparing a quick dinner, I started making cards. During the whole weekend I believe I completed 15 cards! Most of them are quite simple but I'm really happy with all of them.

My big project (and I can't remember if I've blogged about this) was going through some boxes of knick knacks and purging. I have a couple of boxes of things that were packed about three houses ago and still haven't seen the light of day. Last week I brought them into my dining room and unpacked them all. I lined everything up on the floor and then went through and designated it as "display, keep, purge".

Saturday Dad came over with his drill, stud finder and measuring tape and hung some shelves for me. My eight foot one that goes about a foot from the ceiling in my room and a wider black one that I've hung in the living room. I'm proud to say that I took seven (SEVEN!) empty boxes over to my parents (because they have more room for storage and will probably move before I do) and only put one box of "keep" items back into my storage room. Everything else was either "purged", filed or displayed.

Saturday, with the exception of going to the dumpster I didn't leave the house at all. I probably should have since it was such a nice day but I didn't really have any reason too and I enjoyed my day at home.

Sunday after church I went to Mom and Dad's for lunch and then we went to the PNE. We toured the prize home, watched an Illusionist work his magic, zipped through the live stock displays and home show and ate lots of fried food. It was fun :)

Monday was another lazy day. Seth was home watching golf while I finished cleaning up my mess. I also unpacked a bunch of candles and made it feel a lot more homey. I'm finally feeling settled in. Once I get my new furniture this week, I'll feel like the place is actually mine.

Monday afternoon Seth and I went to see "Invincible" the new football movie with Mark Wahlberg. It was really good and it's gotten me fired up about the Fantasy Football League that I joined (more about that later).

Now I'm back at work and I have to attack my minutes again. Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend. (or just a regular weekend if you're not in North America)



Veronica in Aus said...

Once the renovations are done here - I am going to do some purging too. It must feel very gratifying!

agent713 said...

It does. It makes me want to do more :) My next big task is to scrapbook my childhood. As I go through that process I'll be able ot get rid of SO much more. All in good time though...