Friday, September 15, 2006

Random Memory #2: My Acting Debut

My co-worker picked up a Marvin Gaye cd from Starbucks this morning. She said she thought the song "Heard it through the grapevine" would be good for this afternoon when we're all dragging.

That song sparked a memory for me. In grade seven, our school presented their bi-annual musical production. The theme was "Communication". It detailed the evolution of communication from cavemen and drums through morse code and the telegraph, the invention of the telephone, up to the current computers and cell phones.

I had two parts. Picture this. The auditorium is dark, the sound of drums raises in volume, the curtain rises, there is a lone spotlight on a girl with...what on earth is on her head? A BONE??? Yep, I had an 18" plastic bone threaded through my hair and I was dressed like Betty Rubble from the Flinstones. I wonder if there are pictures... Anyhow, there was actually another girl sharing my acting debut. I seem to remember her missing one of the nights though. We practiced for WEEKS on those drums. Got pretty good too.

For my second part, I believe it was after the intermission. I was dressed like a newsboy complete with my brother's carrier bag. I came across the stage waving a newspaper and my big line was "Extra, extra, read all about it"

So there you go. My acting debut. I think I'll stick to radio :)


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