Monday, September 11, 2006


Cowtown Stacy posts a weekly blog challenge on ScrapShare. So far I haven't bothered to take the challenge, not that they aren't interesting, I just haven't had time. I can't pass up lists though so here is this weeks challenge.

In honor of Shuttle Atlantis, which finally blasted off yesterday, and because my friend Cara likes it when I make lists like this, this week's blog challenge is a Countdown List. 10...9... 8... 7....
10 Things I Wanna Do Before I Die
The definitive list can be found at: Things to do Before I Die
Here are ten more
- Visit Oregon
- Road trip on the East Coast
- Attend an awards show
- Have my picture in a magazine
- Give a speach to more then 50 people
- Fly in a helicopter
- Find a long lost relative
- Drive through the Great Smokey Mountains
- Eat at the Mongolie Grill
- Go kyaking

9 Places I Last Spent Money
(Taken directly from my wallet)
- Petro Canada (gas for the truck we used to move my furniture)
- Starbucks
- Rogers Chocolates
- IGA in Whistler
- Library fines
- Save On Foods (allergy medication)
- 7-11 (BC Lions tickets for the football game on Saturday)
- Fruit/Vegetable Stand
- Scrapbook Store

8 Sounds I Routinely Hear Around My House
- Country radio
- people walking around upstairs
- the fridge running
- the manufacturing plant down the hill
- the train behind the plant
- people walking in the courtyard
- the tv if it's on
- me breathing (seriously, it's pretty quite at my place)

7 Real Restaurants Where I Last Ate Out
- Quatro in Whistler
- Macaroni Grill
- Hell's Kitchen
- Mango Tree
- Hana Sushi
- Globe @ YVR
- Medazona's (tonight)

6 Things I've Recently Scratched Off My To-Do List
- unpacking from this weekend
- laundry
- taking out the garbage
- consolidating boxes of stuff
- my "concerts" album
- prying Seth's disposible cameras from his Hawaii trip away from him

5 People I Don't Know but would Like to Hang Out With
- Dierks Bentley
- Brad Paisley
- Kenny Chesney
- George W. Bush
- Anyone from SS that I haven't met IRL

4 Songs That Make Me Happy
- How Forever Feels
- Mud on the Tires
- I Just Want to Dance With You
- Lot of Leaving Left to Do

3 Things I Hate To Do
- Cleaning my house
- Washing my car
- Admitting I'm wrong

2 Things I'm Really Good At
- maintaining eye contact
- remembering usless information

1 Bad Habit
- Procrastination


Emmy said...

Come visit me and I can take ya through the Smoky Mountains :) Could also do the Oregon thing next time I come out there

agent713 said...

No, you need to come North before we go South.

I may take you up on the Smoky Mountain thing though. I want to know if they compare to the Rockies :D