Sunday, November 22, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude V2#17 - My Job

I don`t know how long it`s been since I`ve posted about work but I am happy to report that right now, I really do love my job. Granted I`d rather be independently wealthy and not have to work at all, and I won`t be there forever (9 months go to! give or take) but right now, I really do enjoy working at my job.

We hired a new GM last month and he`s working out swimmingly. After the last guy, anyone would be an improvement but this guy is stellar. I`ve already learned a lot from him and I know I`ll learn more. He`s competent and easy to work for. He`s big into delegation, but that`s okay because he inspires his staff to WANT to do the work.

It`s wondeful to work for someone like that and because of him, I can honestly say, I love my job, and am thankful for it.

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