Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Seth's in the Hospital

I’ve already reported how sick Mom and Aaron are. Well it turns out Seth’s got the same thing. He’s been off work for a week as well and tonight he had Brittany take him to the hospital. I’m not totally sure what caused him to go but I do know that he’s on two IV’s. One of saline and one of something else. They did a chest xray and he’s waiting to hear the results.

I took Aaron in for blood tests and an xray today during my lunch. We first went to the Imaging Clinic and BC BioMed but as soon as they realized we were there for H1N1 testing, they gave Aaron a face mask and sent us to the hospital. Stupid. Send us where more sick people are. Anyways, we did the xray first and I guess being tentatively diagnosed with the most feared bug out there is good because as far as I could tell, we skipped the queue.

Then the fun began. Mom, Dad and I have been donating blood since I was 17, and Aaron’s accompanied us to the clinics since then, so since he was seven. But, he still does NOT do needles. They managed to get half of what they needed today before he lost it. Well, lost it is strong. Basically he just got totally light headed and they had to scramble to get him into a wheel chair and over into a bed so he could relax. They did manage to get the second batch of blood but he wasn’t very happy. Of course it doesn’t help that he feels horrible and hasn’t been drinking or eating anything terribly substantial. He doesn’t have a big appetite to start with so this sickness has been horrible for him.

They got what they needed though. He has an appointment scheduled for Wednesday to see the doctor again to see how he’s doing. In the meantime, here’s a picture of him with the mask (he’s a good sport and the picture was his idea).

And, if you’re so inclined, prayers for Lorry, Aaron and, right now, Seth especially, would really be appreciated. Thanks.

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