Monday, November 02, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude TOC

Last year Sherry challenged us to do a "gratitude" post every day for the month of November (the "Table of Contents of last year's posts are below). November is typically the most dreary month around here and even though it's shaping up to be *really* busy, I still like this idea. I'm going to try and come up with different things to be thankful for this year but I'm already seeing that a lot of them could repeat.

1. My parents
2. Grandma B
3. Extended Family
4. Square Dance Friends
5. Memory Stick
6. Salvation

7. Expired Cold Medication
8. Countdown Shows
9. Gladware
10. Car Fixed for Free
11. Soldiers who fought for freedom
12. Fake Christmas Trees
13. A new bumper

14. My Job
15. Democracy

16. Starbucks
17. Solitude
18. Blessed
19. British Columbia
20. Dierks Bentley
21. Scrapbooking

22. My town
23. Library
24. Sunsets
25. Mail
26. My boss
27. The Internet
28. Games
29. Travel
30. Sherry

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