Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 12 of 12

I got to work at 8:15. I took a picture of the clock because I wasn’t feeling well so I was expecting a “the time I arrived at work, the time I left work” series of shots but I surprised myself by working right till 4:30 and never got another shot of the clock. Of course this is probably why I stuck around. This is what I was supposed to be doing a work. (registering a Personal Property Security Assignment) Instead... This is what I was actually doing at work. Shhh don't tell! This was my lunch. A cheesy bun from Cobs and homemade "harvest vegetable gouda soup".

I stopped at the used bookstore on my way home and picked up a copy of "Twilight" for six bucks. I've read all four books already but I borrowed them from friends. The first time I read the first book I zipped through it in less than 48 you know I didn't absorb it. This time I switched back and forth between it and Midnight sun. And I was inspired to write a blog entry explaining my mixed feelings about this series.

This is what I was supposed to be working on that evening. I have pulled all my school stuff out of the storage room and I'm attempting to go through it an decide what to keep and what to toss (do I really need an excercise book of me learning my abc's?) It's *really* hard to decide though so it's been sitting out in mh living room for awhile. I need to finish up though becuase I'm getting tired of walking over boxes.

Oh, and a quick shot of my Christmas tree which I put up on November 11th for the third year in a row :D

My dinner. (Hey this is supposed to be "every day stuff" right?)

If you can't tell it's chicken pot pies (with a finger hole in the middle so I could tell if it was done. Totally uncivilized, I know.) Carrots and leftover acorn squash. So then I went to my favourite place in the world...the library :wub:
And read "Midnight Sun" online, blogged and caught up on Facebook.

(this is also the picture of me for anyone keeping track). And, lastly, more "every day stuff", my car, in it's spot in my apartment parkade. There. That's my 12 of 12. A few days late and not super exciting, but it was my day!

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