Saturday, November 07, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude V2#5 – Friends

Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold.

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends, both old and new. Thursday night I went over to a new friend’s house and got started on my Christmas cards. Carla and I had a wonderful time “playing” and getting to know each other better. She, her husband Ben and their son Levi moved to town in September to be closer to Ben’s sister Naomi who moved here herself a few years back, with her husband Nick. All of these people are from Ontario so they think it’s kind of funny that I’m planning on moving that way when they just moved this way.

Friday night I had tickets to the “Rotary Christmas House Tour”. Our local Rotary club hosts a tour of local homes that have been decorated for the Christmas season (yes it’s early but it’s supposed to be before anyone else has really begun decorating so you can get ideas). I had planned to go with Meredith but she’s down with H1N1. Mom too. I called Kelly (my ex-coworker) but she already had plans to go shopping with her sister.

Suzanne not feeling well, needing a quiet night

Toni, working

Jennifer, home alone with two kids (including a brand new baby)

Katherine, writing a paper for school

Leah, it’s her son’s birthday, she won’t go out

Melissa, too far away

Rebecca! Available. Perfect!

I admit I had resorted to scrolling through the numbers in my phone to find someone who might be free. They’re alphabetical by first name and Rebecca was the first one I found. I’ve known Rebecca since, well, as long as I’ve known Mere, probably a bit longer (and I met Mere when I was four). Rebecca`s 17 months older than me which put us in different grades in school and she was married and had children quiet young so we`ve gone through seasons in our friendship. Lately we`ve been spending a bit more time together and this was a perfect example. We had a blast together. She really enjoys decorating (I just like looking at stuff) and we viewed all the homes at the same pace. Quick but not speedy fast. There were brand new homes on ``snob hill``, heritage homes, a gorgeous bed and breakfast (HUGE, huge, home) and even a townhouse. It was neat to see all the different decorating ideas and to see so many nice homes. I had to go through a lot of names to get to Rebecca but she ended up being the perfect choice. Proof that while new friends are wonderful, but old friends are great too.

I am thankful for all my friends, new and old, even if a bunch of them weren`t free at the last minute ;)

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