Thursday, August 31, 2006

We are now official

On my way into the building yesterday I realized that we are now "official". The managers have updated the unit listing on the outside of the building and unit 105 is no longer "Lee". It now says "MXXXXX S & H"

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Aurora Borealis and Bears

For my birthday Darrcie gave me an issue of "Outdoor Photographer" Magazine. It has all sorts of tips and tricks for taking beautiful pictures in the outdoors. Most of it goes right over my head because I have a point and shoot camera that I haven't learned very much about but the pictures are absolutely gorgeous and the articles are inspiring.

Last night I read the article about photographing the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights. As often happens when I read before bed, the subject matter made it's way into my dreams. I was up on a platform watching the lights but I was too awestruck to actually use my camera (VERY rare for me). Later, it was light out and I was sitting on a similar platform with someone (I *think* it was a co-worker) anyways, I was snapping random shots of the underbrush and seeing what showed up on my view finder. In one of the pictures I realized there was a BEAR staring at me!!! It came out and ambled towards us. This HUGE kodiak bear. It was snorting and sniffing around. My companion was frozen but I kept taking pictures :rolleyes: After a few minutes it turned around and we RAN. Brilliant :P

Gotta love dreams!!!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Don't Cook

How many times have you heard me say that in the past. "I don't cook. I bake." It's true. The good news is just because I "don't" cook, doesn't mean I "can't"!

I figure cooking can't be all that different from baking. If you have a recipie with an ingredient list and instructions, it should be fairly simple to follow. So far I'm doing alright. A few weeks ago I made manicoti with a yummy mushroom sauce. Rather fidly and HIGH in fat but worth it. Last night I made chili and cornbread muffins. I made the chili with my mom's recipie so I had enough for dinner and I've frozen five more containers of it for "on the go" lunch or dinner.

So I'm doing okay. Not ready to entertain but not afraid of the kitchen either.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up

Saturday after Aaron washed my car I headed home and ended up falling asleep on the couch. I was SO tired. Around 6 I made myself wake up, went to the volunteer thank you dinner and then headed to Saturday night bible study.

Sunday after church I went to my parents for lunch. Afterwards we went for a quick walk in a park in town that we haven't explored yet. It was a short trail but it was too hot to do anything strenous. In about 20 minutes we saw at least seven squirrels! Big grey ones and small black ones. Really cool.

From there I met an ex-co-worker for coffee and we got caught up on each others lives. It was really nice. I haven't been out one on one with her in over a year!

From there I headed home and baked a hot fudge dessert while doing the dishes and watching the Emmy's. Seth came home around 8. That is the first time I had seen him since last Sunday!

He made a point of asking "What happened to the mail key?" Apparently he HAD tried to use it on Friday and it was bugging him that there was mail there but the key wouldn't work. We got a good laugh out of it.

By the time I went to bed on Sunday night I felt like I hadn't been at work in forever. Of course this morning it all came rushing back but I'm okay with that :)

Hope y'all have a fantastic week!!!


Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's a Small World After All

I'm at my parents house right now because my little brother is desperate for $$ (he lost his "job" helping a friend deliver papers) so he's washing my car. I'm okay with that :D

Just a quick recap on my volunteer work and how small of a town this is. Thursday, as previously posted, I was at the Badminton venue. I was on duty with a young girl named Taylor. As normally happens with volunteers in a quiet setting, we chatted back and forth about a variety of things. I found out that she goes to my old highschool, so we compared teachers, family structre etc. At one point she asked if I had had a chance to attend the local summer concert series downtown. I mentioned that I had (I blogged about it briefly in my mentally exhausted post). Anyways, she mentioned that her mom was there working. I was like "Who is your mom?" Turns out, Taylor's mom is a lady who I've known professionally for many years and who is the other new member of the advisory board I started with on Tuesday. Remember the "My Big News" post? Where I said I had been asked to sit on the board of directors for my old job? Well I started that involvement on Tuesday along with Taylor's mom. Small world!

Taylor had been at the Badminton venue all day and the host before me was according to Taylor "a 73-year old woman who yelled at me and talked A LOT". To make her feel better I told her about this old woman who used to live across the street from me. She was the most unhappy person you've ever met, always complaining about the neighbour kids and door-to-door solicitors. As kids we avoided her as much as possible. When I started volunteering in 1995 it was at the local Agri-fair (maybe that's why I have such an affinity to it) anyways, my first year, I arrived for my shift and guess who I was stationed with? Yep, this unhappy scary old neighbour lady! Thankfully, once you got to know her she wasn't too bad.

Back to the present, Friday night my volunteer duties were hosting the banquet for the athletes. It was my job to make sure that they didn't rush the buffet line up and then directing them where to go after they had eaten. My cheeks got VERY sore from smiling so much. Has anyone seen the outtakes at the end of "Toy Story"? With Tourism Barbie, or Ariline Stewardess Barbie or whatever she is? When she's smiling and waving "Have a nice day, thanks for travelling with us, thank you, good bye, good bye, good bye....are they gone yet? My cheeks are KILLING me!" Yeah. That was me on Friday night. There were 3,000 athletes registered for the games plus spouses and invited guests. That is a LOT of people to greet.

It died down around 8:30 and people started to head out. At that time I wandered over to the other part of the hall where they were serving dessert. Guess who was stationed there? You guessed it. The cranky old neighbour lady that I had told Taylor about!!! Of course she recognized me so we chatted for a bit. She's a grandma now, and still doing lots of volunteering. Oh, and she asked me to say "hi" to my mom for her. It was funny that I'd run into her after all these years when I had just been talking about her!

This morning (Saturday) I was at the Ice Hockey venue for 65+. There was one player that was 77 years old!!! Today was the medal rounds. The first game was for bronze, the second for gold and silver. The second game tied, went to a shoot out after overtime and was won by the 10th shooter! Very fun to watch.

Alright, it looks like is just about done with my car so I'll sign off now. Hope you're having a great weekend!


Friday, August 25, 2006


I have four filing cabinets in my office. All have confidential information in them. All four keys go home with me every day. Two of the cabinets have the same style key as the mail box in my apartment.

The mail box is out in the foyer but since Seth and I are on opposite schedules and there is only one key, we leave it in our apartment and then whoever thinks about it gets to get the mail. There are also vents in the box so I can see if there is anything in there. Yesterday I stopped at home for about 3.5 minutes before rushing out again. On the way in I noted that there was something in the mail box. I grabbed the key and picked up my mail on the way out and put the key on my key ring. When I got home I took it off again.

This morning I got to work and realized that I had removed one of my filing cabinet keys from my key ring, not the mail key. What is in that filing cabinet? Everything I need to be able to work on board meeting minutes. That means I can't work on minutes to do.

I am so sad.


Now to remember to trade keys this evening!


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Seniors Games

I'm volunteering this week for the BC Seniors Games. Yesterday was the opening ceremonies. I've been to a few now because my city has hosted a variety of different games over the years. Maybe it was my attitude but this one was the most boring one I've ever seen. Lots of bureacrats spouting off and the director droning on. One funny bit was after a dance troupe did a number the director thanked them and called them "the participants for the 2066 seniors games" :)

Luckily I had an excuse that allowed me to leave early. Church at 7:30. The service was fabulous as always but when I got home I couldn't sleep. I read for awhile, even reviewed my volunteer handbook (talk about boring!) but I didn't turn off the light until 11:30 or so (usually I like to be sleeping by 11pm).

At four am I woke up in the middle of a BRUTAL allergy attack. My eyes were so itchy and my nose was running like crazy. After cleaning my face up a bit it took me almost an hour to get back to sleep. When I did, I had horrible dreams. As a general rule I am a dreamer. Usually they are good happy (if odd) dreams. Last night they weren't good, or happy. I ended up sleeping in and getting to work about 10 minutes late (very, very unlike me). I'm still feeling a bit fuzzy in the head although my co-worker had an antihistimine for me which is helping.

Tonight I'm helping out at the badminton venue at MEI (Meredith's highschool). I plan on going to be early and hopefully I'll have better luck then last night.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Heidi Show Part II

I can't believe I forgot this! My alarm usually goes off around 6:30, meaning the radio turns on and I wake up and get up hopefully before 7 am. This morning around 6:45 they played "Girl on the Billboard", the Roadhammers current single. After the song Doug (the morning show host) mentioned that they had been at the PNE the night before and said "If you were there, call me and tell me how it went". So, I called him! As before we chatted for a bit and then he put me on air again!

Before going live he confirmed that I had been at the show and then asked if I had to work today. I said "Yes, that would be why I'm listening to you so early" LOL.

Anyways we chatted about the concert, about how impressed I was with all three of the guys and he played a clip of when they were in the studio last fall (when they were in town for a concert that I skipped for a variety of reasons).

It was a lot of fun. I think I'm an unoffical correspondant now. Oh, and when I said "Good Morning Doug, it's Heidi!" He knew exactly who I was LOL.


The Roadhammers

Cool! Blogger is allowing photo uploads again.

So my summer concert series continues. I swear. I am a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d! I love the energy of the crowd at concerts and you feel like you get to know the artists a bit.

Last night was no exception. My friend Jenna and I headed into Vancouver to see the Roadhammers at the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition). The Roadhammers are the brain child of Canadian solo artist Jason McCoy (far left). After releasing a Greatest Hits CD he decided to try something new. He called up two friends, Chris Byrne (left) and Clayton Belamy (below) and they got together and produced a CD of trucking songs. Most of them are covers of old standards, some are new. They have a solid rock country sound that is GREAT live.
This whole thing has taken off for them majorly. It was supposed to be a one off thing to give Jason a bit of a break. Now they are planning a second album.

The Canadian Country Music Award Nominations were announced a few weeks ago and The Roadhammers are up for the following: Single of the Year, Video of the Year, Top Selling Album, Group of Duo of the Year, Fans Choice Award and others.

Jason was also voted as Male Vocalist of the Year and for SOCAN Songwriter of the Year.

The concert itself was just over an hour plus and encore, but every minute of it was high energy fun. I was grinning the whole time :) I've liked Jason as an artist for years but I was pleasantly surprised by Clayton Belamy. He is a great entertainer and easy on they eyes ;)

After the show Jenna humoured me by waiting in line with me so I could say hi and get their autograph and a quick picture.

Me and the guys :)

Have I mentioned lately that I love summertime? :D


Monday, August 21, 2006

The Phantom of the Opera

Where to start. First off, a pledge to myself. When I say I am going to go see a stage show I am going to buy the tickets immediately. My friend Heather and I decided to go see Phantom back in May (or before). We bought tickets last Tuesday. We’re both horrible procrastinators (I’m the worst) and it was just plain stressful.

That said, even with the last minute planning and the fact that we had to pay more for our tickets, we’re really glad we went. Another friend, Sharon, was able to join us as well and we had a really nice time.

Saturday was HOT so we all dressed up, but not too fancy. My mom babysat Heather’s son Noah which meant I had to pick up Sharon, pick up Heather and Noah, drop off Noah and THEN hit the road. It all worked out though. We made a point of leaving extra time and we needed it. The traffic into Vancouver was brutal for a Saturday. We got there with a few extra minutes to spare so we ran across to the courtyard at the library for a snack (the same place you and I went Mere).

The show was fantastic. Meredith and I went and saw Les Miserables in November 2004 (gosh that sounds like forever ago!!!) and with both of the shows, I got SO much more out of the live stage production then I did out of the movies I have seen of them. For Phantom it was a lot brighter (set wise), more vibrant, funnier and emotionally poignant then the movie had been.

The cast was excellent. My favourite was Raoul. I just liked the sound of his voice. Everyone else liked the Phantom. They were all great though.

Afterwards we went to the Macaroni Grill for dinner before heading home. All in all a wonderful, enjoyable day. I love live theatre!!!


Communication Breakdown

Friday I experienced my first communication breakdown with my “room mate”. On the way home from work Seth called and conveniently informed me that not only was Robert coming over for the weekend (which I knew and had been anticipating) but he was bringing a “friend”. A girl that works at the Tim Horton’s and gives him free coffee, that he has been hanging out with lately. Something to the effect of she asked him out but he’s not sure yet. I thought it was funny that she was coming down to visit his family before they become an official item but I digress.

After being “mentally exhausted” on Friday I had planned a nice quiet evening in. Alone. One of the reasons Robert came down this weekend was because friends of his were getting married. Friday night was the rehearsal and dinner followed by a bachelor party. His “friend” wasn’t invited. They left her at my house. I am a little bit ashamed to admit that I was not a good host. The last thing I wanted was company so I gave her the run of the living room and tv and hid away in my room. I was too tired to do anything constructive though and I ended up going to bed around 9:30.

I don’t have a problem with her coming, just TELL me!!!


Friday, August 18, 2006

Mentally Exhausted

We are five weeks away from our Annual General Meeting and there is SO much to do. A lot of it requires intense mental concentration and it is exhausting! Yesterday I got home, made dinner in a bit of a daze and I met Mom at local park to hear an outdoor concert. The concert was good but I really didn’t hear most of it. I was so tired that I just kind of zoned out. Afterwards I came home, had a bath (my first in my new apartment!) and was in bed by 9:30 pm.

This evening I don’t have anything planned so I’m hoping to take it pretty easy. Tomorrow I’m going to see “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver with a couple of friends. Robert is also coming down this weekend and apparently staying with Seth and I. (Not too sure how that’s going to work but they are excited about it).

Next week I have something planned for every evening of the week already. It’s all volunteer stuff. Let’s just hope that work is a bit quieter so I have the brain power to function in the evenings!!!


Word of the day #26: retrenchment

re·trench·ment ( P ) Pronunciation Key (r-trnchmnt)
A cutting down or back; reduction.
A curtailment of expenses.
The cutting away of superfluous tissue.
n 1: entrenchment consisting of an additional interior fortification to prolong the defense 2: the reduction of expenditures in order to become financial stable [syn: curtailment, downsizing]

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Word of the day #25: drayage

It's been awhile since I posted a word of the day. Today's requires two definitions.

dray•age P Pronunciation Key (dr-a-i-j)
1. Transport by dray.
A charge for transport by dray.

dray P Pronunciation Key (dr-ay )
A low, heavy cart without sides, used for haulage.

tr.v. drayed, dray•ing, drays
To haul by means of a low, heavy sideless cart.
2. [Middle English draie, sledge, cart, from Old English dragan, to draw.]

The Heidi Show

This morning the new Keith Urban single "Once in a Lifetime Love" hit radio. The record label made a big deal about it (especially since the record itself doesn't come out until November sometime) so my local radio station decided to make a big deal of it as well. They are playing the song at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 am just after the news.

The song itself is so so. I'm not a huge Keith Urban fan and it is very much his "style". I'm sure hardcore Keith fans will love it (especially since it's been awhile since he put out new music). I love that they played it regularly in the morning though. I called the radio station and told them that too. (This is the station that has given me tickets in the past).

I had a great chat with the morning show host Doug. I thanked him for previewing the song like this and said that I thought ALL new music should be given this much airtime. When I launched into Dierks he cut me off and said "Hang on a second and I'll bring you back live, I want everyone to hear what you have to say" Oooookay...

About 15 seconds later he brought me back live. I repeated my comments on the new single and on the preview format and then we went back to Dierks. I said that Dierks new single "Every Mile a Memory" ("EMAM") should have been previewed the same way (it came out about six weeks ago). Doug agreed and mentioned that Dierks has a new cd coming out called "Long Trip Alone". I said "Yep, and they just moved the release date up from Halloween to October 17th!" Doug was really impressed that I knew that because he just found out yesterday. I did inform him that I was in the fan club. He said that EMAM is in the top twenty already which means we should start hearing it on the radio more (finally!!!) I told him that I am voting for it on their new "Top 5 @ 5" (which debuted yesterday) and that gave him a lead in to do a plug for that show. We ended the call with Doug calling it "The Heidi Show" LOL

I think I may have a future in radio!!!


Monday, August 14, 2006

blogging from home

This is officially my first blog entry from my new house. Seth hooked the internet up...somehow, he's not really sure because we aren't paying for it but it works. We'll get it hooked up on Friday. I think that's the plan anyways. It's nice to have access from home. I don't feel so cut off from the world now. It also means that I don't necessarily have to blog from work. Always a better choice :)


Friday afternoon I left work, headed home, finished packing, picked up Seth, picked up Aaron and hit the road. From my house to the campground was a drive of just over four hours. My parents had left about an hour before us but they had to stop and see Robert on the way. The reason we went to a campground so far away was because it was about ten minutes from his new place. They got to see his store and his apartment and we met them at the campground.

Driving was a lot of fun. We cranked Kenny and sang along. At one point we (Seth and I) were trying to sing along to "You Had Me From Hello" but we kept getting inturrupted and we had to restart the song about four times. You had to be there but it was hysterical.

By the time we got to the campsite it was dark. We had a really nice spot right down by the lake. There were willow trees lining the bank and you could see the lights from the highway across the lake reflecting on the water. Seth stayed with Robert for the weekend and Mom, Dad, Aaron and I stayed in the tent. Friday night I slept horribly. It was kind of damp out so my nose was running and I couldn't get comfortable.

Saturday morning the boys came over for breakfast (eggs, bacon and hashbrowns) and then we headed out to a classic car show by a different lake. It's always fun to watch my dad and brothers oohing and aahing over the shiny vehicles. We only spent an hour or so there before heading over to the Historic O'Keefe Ranch That was really neat. Lots of history and interesting displays. I forgot to clear my camera card before I left so for each picture I took I had to delete one at the beginning of the card (I've downloaded most of them but not all). It limited my picture taking which was probably a good thing.

By the time we got back to the campsite, via a fruit stand for nectarines and corn-on-the-cob, we were all really tired. The boys, Dad and I laid down and had a nap which was really refreshing.

Dinner was chicken, potatoes, carrots and the corn, cooked in foil packets over the fire pit. Yummy! After that we sat around the fire and reminisced about our childhood (like it's SO long ago :P) It was really nice though. We went to bed around 11 and slept really, really well. It was a lot dryer out so Dad didn't snore as much and my nose didn't run.

Sunday morning the boys came over for breakfast again (pancakes and breakfast sausages) and then we headed North to where my dad's sister and her husband had just gotten off a week on a house boat! I learned later that they (my aunt and uncle and my parents) had coordinated this ahead of time but when they called I thought it was a great coincidence.

We spent some time with them at Tim Hortons and then headed home. On the way back Seth and I had a great talk (while Aaron napped). I'm really glad we were able to fit that in.

Now it's Monday morning and I have a TON of stuff to do for work and personally. We're ramping up for the AGM in September at work so there are all sorts of mailouts and email blasts and deadlines to coordinate.

Personally I'm volunteering for the local summer games as well as fitting in all the fun summer stuff that I like to try and get involved with. I'll try and keep you posted as we go along.


Friday, August 11, 2006

ALW: Granville Island

I really, really wish I could share pictures. Oh well, I'll try and do it in words.

Monday Mom, Dad, Seth, Aaron and I went to Granville Island in Vancouver. For those of you not from the area, it's a fun artsy spot with an open market and lots of neat shops. Similar in some ways to Pikes Place in Seattle but smaller.

Monday was a gorgeous day and they had all sorts of "BC Day" Celebrations. Artists doing chalk pictures on the sidewalk, buskers and community booths. It was a bit interesting finding parking but once we did we had fun.

For a long time I've been saying that I want to start collecting martini glasses. Not just any one, but the cool ones with neat stems, or the ones made out of interesting material. Monday I bought my first one. The stem is corkscrew style. Very neat.

We ate lunch at the market and then headed over to West Vancouver. The sun was setting so we found a place on the beach and enjoyed the feeling of the sand between our toes and the light breeze blowing. I love BC :D

We got home around 8:30 and Seth rented "Cassanova" It was way better then either of us expected. Very funny. If you like "A Knight's Tale" you'll love this one. Of course I was scrapbooking the whole time which drove Seth nuts but it was fun for me.

There. That's my weekend. This weekend we're going camping so I'm sure I'll have lots to fill you in on when I'm back.

Hope y'all are having as much fun with life as I am!!!



It's now Friday afternoon and I haven't finished updating my blog from LAST weekend. Let's see if I can finish up my last two entries before I have to leave.

August Long Weekend: ScrapShare Washington Crop 2.5

A bunch of my internet friends have an annual crop in Washington State in January. This year we had a member from the board fly out from Michigan so we decided to have a bi-annual get together, hence the "2.5".

I drove down with Terri, someone who I met online and face to face in Calgary at Showcase, who actually lives about 20 minutes from me, in the town where I used to work. Getting across the border took longer then it needed too because it was busy. Oh, and we accidently tripped their radiation sensor because we sat between the laser for too long so we had to go inside and explain ourselves to the guards. Once we did they let us go without a problem (not even a $6 fee!!!)

The Crop was a lot of fun. I got to sit beside Diane, our special guest from Michigan and my "twin" :) I am working on a 7x7 album of all the concerts I've attended so I organized the pictures and paper for that and cut out twenty titles! I used every letter of the alphabet but Q and Z! I'm acutually halfway done assembling the album as of today too.

We also celebrated my birthday. Everyone got awesome paper crowns and Di and Darrcie made me a really nice, very yummy cake. I don't actually have pictures of the event so I can't lament not being able to post them. If anyone who reads this DOES have pictures though, I'd love to have copies!!!

Saturday was good, the scrapbooking ended way too soon. Oh, and we got to take a trip to the LSS (local scrapbook store). Veronica, you'll be proud of me. I bought my first Basic Grey!!! I'm going to use it for the Brad Paisley concert from January.

Saturday night after we left the church where the crop took place we tried to find some fast food. Easier said then done. McDonalds closed at 10:30pm. On a SATURDAY! Wendy's only had the drive thru open. Very weird. We got back to Darrcie's and chatted until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Then we split up. A bunch of us stayed in Darrcies *very* nice trailer. Diane and I talked until we fell asleep in the middle of our sentences. It was fun :)

Sunday we got up, had breakfast, visited for awhile and then Terri and I hit the road again. On the way back we stopped at Michaels but didn't buy anything. Then we went to another LSS and each bought some BC stickers. Get this. They were regularly twenty nine cents but they were on sale for 75% off! Nine cents each!!! We did get a "project of the month" too so we did actually spend money :P

When I got home I watched the ABC Special CMA Fest that someone sent me on DVD. Then I went and laid down because I was pretty wiped from two late nights. That was at 6:30. I woke up at 10 and changed into my pj's and slept until 9 the next morning!

Stay tuned for Monday's adventures :)


Thursday, August 10, 2006

ALW: Cowboys & Concerts

The one event that I like to attend annually is the local agri-fair. This year I only had two things I wanted to see. The rodeo, to get my cowboy fix, and the Friday night headliners, local BC Band, The Cruzeros.

The rodeo was good as always. We're starting to attract some big names and big money earners in rodeo which always makes it more interesting. Unfortunately I had to leave the rodeo early in order to see the concert, so I missed the fun stuff like bull riding. Oh well, maybe next year.

The Cruzeros were a lot of fun. I've heard their songs on the radio for awhile and I have their latest cd from the library. They put on a really fun show. Sort of rootsy/folk style. Their keyboard guy is amazing. He produces all sorts of really cool sounds.

Afterwards I got my picture taken with the three lead singers. Again, if blogger was allowing me to post I would :(


August Long Weekend: The Phone Chapter

This really was a long weekend, in a good way. I fit *so* much into it! I'm going to post updates as seperate chapters.

August Long Weekend ("ALW"): The Phone Chapter

First of all when I left work on Friday I went straight to the cell phone store where my friend Jenna works. We’ve talked a bit about phones and stuff and Friday I got one. It’s a basic Nokia. I picked it because it was free with the contract. I’m on an unlimited contract for the first three months and after that I have a pretty basic package. When I told Seth he was like “What kind of phone is it?”
“What’s the model number?”
“You chose it because it was free?”
“Yeah, we have the same phone”
Oh well, it’s actually been good. He’s been able to show me how to use it! The first thing he did for me was download “Living in Fast Forward” as a ring tone :D I still need to get a nice looking wallpaper (he has “Mater” from “Cars”) Then we’ll be able to tell them apart better.


PS I wrote this blog entry yesterday but the internet was down so I couldn't post it. Today at lunch I stopped by the dollar store for some scrubby pads and I got a really cute pink phone holder with a black embroidered "H" on it. I'd post a picture but blogger isn't letting me :(

Friday, August 04, 2006

Coffee Confessions

I have a confession to make. As much as I try and be a Starbucks snob, I’ve been cheating on them with Tim Hortons. I won’t say it’s “just as good” because it’s not. It’s definitely cheap coffee. Starbucks is better quality but you PAY for that quality and lately Tim Hortons has been filling my cravings just fine. French Vanilla Cappuccino’s when it’s cold out and 2% Iced Cap’s when it’s warm (like right now). I even got a $20 Starbucks gift card for my birthday and I’m STILL hitting Timmy’s. Don’t get me wrong, I still go to Starbucks but as a quick snack, $2.50 is easier to handle than $4.50 for a cold drink and $2 and change over $4 and change for a hot drink.

There. It’s out. I am Canadian whether I like it or not :P


Thursday, August 03, 2006


Tuesday my parents went to give blood. I could have but I chose to wait for two weeks until I have a better chance of passing the iron test. Today I find out that this week was open house for the auxilary fire fighters!!! That's what I get for skipping out. I miss all the fire fighters. Hmph!!!

Chicken Soup

Yesterday (Wednesday) Mom and Dad took me out to the Mango Tree for a birthday dinner. The Mango Tree is a newish Thai restaurant close to our old house. It has really good food. I’m not going to pretend to remember what we had. Basically spring rolls as an appetizer, a noodle dish, a rice dish and a pad thai dish. Mom and I split a lycee – mango dessert. It was unique but quite tasty. Dad and Aaron both had friend bananas with mango ice cream.

On the way to dinner I stopped at their Mom and Dad house to pick up laundry and mail. Along with my Visa statement I found a package from addressed to me. It was a copy of the brand new "Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker's Soul". A birthday/house warming present from Veronica in Australia. It had Donna's story on Page 68. I knew it was coming out but I didn't realize it was released yet. What a wonderful gift!!! Thank you SO much. I am thoroughly enjoying reading it and remembering Donna.

It was fun to show it to my dad and say "The women (Donna, Stacy and Sherilyn) that this story is about is the reason that I went to Pennsylvania last year. It's the reason I'm going to DC this year. It's the reason I go to Washington State all the time (including this Saturday for the SS WA 2.5 Crop). It's the reason Veronica came to visit last year and why Di is coming from Michigan via Tacoma." Donna's life and Stacy and Sherilyn's crazy adventure changed mine and many other lives and it is so exciting to see it in print.

Thank you again for the book. I will treasure it always. :wub:



Wow. I’d forgotten how inefficient covering reception can be. I was in the reception position for most of seven years. In the past four months I have completely gotten out of the groove and now a phone call throws me for a huge loop.

Our receptionist is on vacation this week and our part time receptionist doesn’t work Thursday’s or Friday’s. I volunteered to cover phones during lunch hour awhile ago so now I am on full time phone duty today and tomorrow. It’s brutal! Especially since I don’t have the knowledge at hand to answer enquiries as quickly as I’d like to. Even determining what they want and who would be best to answer their questions is difficult. It is GREAT experience for me but it’s HARD.

Plus, it is SO disruptive. I feel a lot like Winnie the Pooh today. He says
“Do you ever stop to think and forget to start again?”
Yup. Every time the phone rings!