Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Brad on Leno


After the hockey game last night I stopped by at my brother's pizza shop for some chicken wing things and cheesy bread. It was only 10 o'clock, I assumed my parents would still be up and we could share a snack during CSI:Miami. When I got home the house was completely dark. I forgot that Dad had caught the 6:00am communter train that morning and Mom had to drive him which meant they were both up around 5:00. Even the promise of Horatio Caine on the TV couldn't keep them up.

So, I enjoyed my snack all by myself (no I didn't eat all of it) while watching CSI. I considered staying up to see if there was anything interesting on the late night talk shows but chose to just go to bed like a normal person instead.

This morning I find out that BRAD PAISLEY was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!!! I am so mad! That would have been AWESOME to see! Hmph. So much for being a "normal person" :P


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Emmy said...

Oh I saw it when it was on the other night ... he did well :) But I only saw it because I spent all of my evenings chatting online with my co-worker/friends until at least 1 or 2 am :)