Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dilly Bars

One of the best things about my old office was that on hot days my boss would disappear for 15 minutes or so and come back with a box of Dairy Queen dilly bars. All the staff would stand just outside the front door in the sun and enjoy the cool treat.

Yesterday the ice cream man came by for the umpteenth time already this year. At lunch I took it upon myself to go out and pick up dilly bars for the new office. Judging by the groans of pleasure from my co-workers, they were a hit. Nothing like passing on a tradition!

~Heidi…who is currently enjoying one of the leftover dilly bars…


Emmy said...

Dilly Bars ... bringing back memories! We have DQ here too but it isn't the same as out there, my dad and I would get them :)
Glad you brought that tradition along to the new office!

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

We have DQ here but I've never had a Dilly bar.
Awesome that you could bring over the tradition.

tosin said...

Mmm! What a nice treat!

I used to make Dilly bars. DQ was one of my favorite high school jobs. :)