Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Stream of conciousness

I have a bunch of things to post but I was attempting to actually work tdoay so I didn't take the time to post them. Let's see if I can capture them all in one.

Driving home is always an adventure. To get from work to my house I have to take a bridge over the river and then drive on a fairly busy highway that has been under major construction for over two years. It's not a fun road...but it will be nice if they ever finish fixing it up. :D The speed limit along there is 80 kms but there is about five sets of traffic lights so unless you hit it right, it's stop and go. Today it was quite congested. Going the OTHER way was gridlock. I assume someone had an accident on the bridge (because that's where I noticed the back up starting). In the narrowest part where they are doing the bulk of construction I had to pull over for two police cars. Blue and red lights make me nervous in general. Having to slow down and pull over in the middle of a bunch of traffic on a crappy road makes me even more nervous. I survived though. I hope the people in the accident are okay too.

Once I get through the highway part I drive through our "Historic Downtown". I go through six sets of lights that way. People don't always believe me but it is usually the fastest way to get home. Except for yesterday. The power was out. A HUGE grid was knocked out by something. This included the downtown. It took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to get through that. Again, I survived, but like I said. It's never dull!

So yesterday I got home and there was no power there either. It's weird, you get so used to having electronics available and humming in the background and when they aren't or don't, it's rather creepy. My plans for the evening had consisted of watching NCIS and House. Because I didn't have any guarantee of the power coming back on (the power company estimated 10pm) I decided to cut my losses and head out to Janis'. I had swaps to work on and at least SHE had power :D

On the way in I picked up "Days of Thunder" I've never seen it and I was in the mood. Maybe it was the heat ;) Great movie. That's how races should be done "and they're off" three seconds later "in the fifieth lap..." LOL Anyhow I quite enjoyed it. Tom Cruise back in his normal days :)

This morning I treated myself to Starbucks. They introduced a new drink. Banana Coconut Frappacino. I debated the merits of having a frapp for breakfast but since it was already almost 15oC I decided it was okay. The drink is...okay. My favourite part is the toasted coconut. My all time favourite Starbucks drink was the mocha-coconut frap that they had a few years back. Mere and I drank quite a few of them on on one of our trips to Calgary. Going through the drive through on a sunny morning brought back great memories :) I think what I'll do for this drink is just get a regular mocha frap but have them blend the coconut flakes in it and add some on top. It's a poor substitute but I don't think I can handle that much banana.

So there. Now you are mostly up to date. Those could have all been seperate posts but I'm doing it as one. Have a great day!



2 Dollar Productions said...

You must have been in a VERY good mood because it's tough to classify "Days of Thunder" as a good movie.

But it is entertaining.

agent713 said...

I see it as a movie I could watch more then once (which for me is *very VERY rare*) It's got some really good "quotable quotes" and what can I say, Tom is cute ;)

Veronica in Aus said...

Wash.Your.Mouth.Out!!!!! Tom is not cute - not by any stretch of the imagination...stopped being cute when he jumped on Oprah's couch! Ewwwwww! (LOL)

Haven't seen the movie - and I'm afraid, anything with Tom in it is now off the menu for me.....not helping pay that kook anymore!

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

The silence of no power... yep, definetly eerie.

I like Days of Thunder too. That and Top Gun are probably the only Tom Cruise movies I'll watch anymore.