Friday, May 12, 2006

Whine Alert

I hurt. My ear hurts (because that’s where my TMJ pain is manifesting). Where I got hit by the puck hurts (It on my back below my shoulder and not really under my arm behind that. Weird spot but its sore) My upper back hurts because I slept funny last night and now my hand is sore for some reason.

Not to mention that I’m struggling with a task that I have had enough of so it’s making my head hurt. Not good. Not good at all.

One positive though. I told our receptionist that I’d provide phone back up on Thursday’s and Friday’s while she goes for lunch. That means that we need to stagger our lunches which means I’m back to taking lunch at 11:30. That’s fine with me. A bit earlier means I miss the lunch rush everywhere and it makes the morning not so long.

Okay back to work. I have GOT to finish this task. Unpleasant or not.


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Janis said...

Take care of yourself!