Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weekend Getaway

Arrgh! My computer crashed halfway through this post. Let's see if I can retype it.

The meeting finished around 4:30 pm. After a quick Starbucks run, I headed out and was across the border by 5:30. No counting my difficulties in finding Haggen's in Bellingham, the trip down was uneventful. It was actually really nice to have that quiet time to unwind from the board meeting.

I arrived at the Anacortes ferry terminal with plenty of time to spare before the 8:30 pm sailing. Because the ferry terminal is so far west, I actually had a pretty good view of Mount Baker. My exprience with most of Washington State is that they can't see it as well as those of us in the lower mainland so it was a nice treat.
The ferry ride was uneventful as well. I had a book which I finished by the time we docked and aside from enjoying the beautiful sunset and some mild people watching, it passed quickly.

Finding my way around Lopez Island in the dark was a bit more interesting. I only had to turn around twice though. Not bad. I did get a bit of scrapbooking done once I was there but because I had had such and early morning, I was the first to go to bed.

As an aside, this was the fourth bed I had slept in, in as many days. At Janis', at home, at the hotel and in Lopez. Going from the king sized bed at the hotel to the bunk bed at Lopez was a bit interesting but I slept very well.

Saturday was a nasty west coast day. It was really windy out and rained on and off during the day. Perfect scrapbooking weather :D No guilt at not being outside. If you can believe it, I didn't take any pictures at all. A few others were taking them and I know I can get theirs so I didn't bother. It was a really nice time though. I actually ended up running out of pictures and I did a few layouts for Darrcie to pass the time.

Sunday was a much nicer day. After cleaning up our scrap spaces and the house we had a nice lunch of leftovers and then headed down to the ferry terminal. This weekend was the annual "Tour de Lopez". 700+ bicycles on the island. That meant a lot more cars too. We arrived with plenty of time to kill before the 1:30 sailing but a lot of others had the same idea and we ended up missing it by about 20 cars. The next sailing wasn't until 5:30. That was a LONG wait. Fortunately it was quite nice out. A few of us decided to kill time by doing a photo scavenger hunt. It was a LOT of fun. I have an idea for sharing that, which I'll put in a seperate post too.

Having to wait for the 5:30 ferry messed up the sightseeing plans that some of us were hoping for. It was okay though. While it would have been fun to tour LaConner, I was just there last year. Instead I headed straight home...via Target and Walmart of course. Target didn't have anything to offer me but at Walmart I bought a hot pink t-shirt, a Kenny CD (Everywhere We Go) and some toiletries.

Getting back across the border was a breeze. Very, very few questions and I was "home" (at Janis') by 9:30ish (I spent a lot of time talking myself out of stuff at Target :P)

So all in all, a good weekend. THIS weekend, I'm headed BACK to Washington State for scrapbooking. This time my friend Sue and I are joining Darrcie on Camano Island. That is just for Saturday though. Gotta love my life :)

Hope you had as good of a weekend.



Veronica in Aus said...

Sounds perfect - love the photos, especially the sunset.

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Love the photo of the sunset.