Monday, May 15, 2006


Well, that made for an interesting day. I had trouble falling asleep last night and then even more trouble waking up this morning. I did make it work on time...with about three seconds to spare :P I wasn't feeling great this morning but I attributed it to cramps. I went for lunch and went up to my favourite park over looking the river so I could get some sun. By the time I got back to the office I was feeling rather light headed. Within a half an hour I was getting really nauseous and starting to feel like throwing up. I decided I couldn't work anymore so I closed all my programs and logged off my computer. When I stood up to get my purse out of my filing cabinet a huge wave of nausea hit me and I put my head down on the top of the filing cabinet. I was starting to black out so I turned to go back to my chair. At that point I did black out momentarily and I think I actually fell down. I made it over to my chair and when I could see straight again I was able to call one of my co-workers down. (My office is at the end of the hall so they didn't know I was going through this) My co-worker immediately took me to the back room, got me an ice pack (because I had broken out in a cold sweat) and helped me lay down. She called my parents and they came and picked me up. I wasn't feeling well enough to drive.

Scary stuff. I've been resting all afternoon. I'm not sure what caused it. My cramps, bad potato salad, low iron, too much sun (we had a picnic for mothers day yesterday and I did burn my shoulders a bit). It's really hard to say. I'm feeling a bit better now. We'll see how the rest of the evening goes.

Oh, and on a happier note? My TMJ seems to be gone. I can chew without a problem and my ear isn't sore at all.



Veronica in Aus said...

Wow - hope you feel better soon!

Meredith said...

So sorry friend! I miss you and hate that I'm not there when things like this happen. I'll call you soon! My schedule this term is rediculously easy. Love you heaps!

Christy said...

Oh Heidi- how scary. I am glad you were at work and able to get some help. Are you feeling better today?

Mel said...

I hope you are feeling better today. That really does sound scary.


tosin said...

That is terrible. I'm glad you are doing better now.