Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good Bye Tooth

So, I promised you a review of the new Starbucks sandwhich when I used my coupon. I'm betting that you don't want to know that it broke my tooth though. I got the "Okanagan Chicken Salad" sandwhich. Very tasty, very soft...except for that nasty hard bit, which turned out to be tooth. I appear to have broken the second molar from the back. I had a cavity filled in it *years* ago so it may just be that disintegrating. It might be my tooth. I won't know for sure until my dentist appointment at 12:40 tomorrow. In the meantime I will finish my sandwhich, while chewing on the other side and I will drink my mocha-coconut frappacino unless the cold bothers my tooth, which so far it hasn't. When I asked the dental assistant what I should do if my tooth started being sensitive to hot and cold she said "Don't eat anything hot or cold". Great. Thanks. That clears that up :P Anyhow, I'll report after my appointment. Let's hope they are willing to hold off on billing until my dental coverage kicks in next month!


Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Hope the dental visit goes OK.

Emmy said...

Crossing my fingers for an easy and painless dentist trip!