Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Weekend

It’s Tuesday already and I have yet to update my blog. Let’s see, what’s happened? Oh yeah, update on the issue I was referring to in the “initiative” post, I did it yesterday. I wouldn’t let myself go for lunch until I did. It was painless and I actually got a good answer. So WHY do I procrastinate? THAT is an eternal question :P

Saturday Sue and I drove down to Camano Craft Hideaway and joined Darrcie for a National Scrapbook Day crop. The CCH is a very nice facility. I would love to go there for a weekend. Crossing the boarder was kind of funny.

Boarder Guard: Where do you live
Us: XXX and XXX
BG: How do you know each other?
Us: Through scrapbooking
BG: Where are you going?
Us: We are meeting friends at Camano Island
BG: Why?
Us: Scrapbooking
BG: How do you know these friends?
Us: Scrapbooking
BG: What’s in the trunk?
Us: Scrapbooking supplies
BG: What do you scrapbook?
At this point Sue gave an intelligent answer to the effect of “pictures of friends and family and activities”. The funny part? What did I scrapbook this weekend? PICTURES OF SCRAPBOOKING!!! LOL Of the trip Sue and I took with a bunch of other consultants to Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast last June :D

I’ve been working on those layouts for a loooong time. I needed to get reprints from another person that was there. I finally did and finished the whole event this weekend. It feels GREAT to be done and I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Sunday I helped out with Sunday School. I’ve given it over to a friend of mine who is excellent with the kids and actually *prepares* crafts and stuff. I was good at running it but I never got anything ready. They get tired of colouring pretty quick :P

After church a bunch of us went out for dinner. It was really nice. After that I decided that since it was too windy to go for a walk and nothing interesting was happening at home, I’d head out to Janis’. Once there I talked to Sue who said that she had found my 12” trimmer in her trunk. I then drove into New West(?) and met her at a Tim Horton’s to pick it up. It was kind of interesting going in there because I’ve never been to that area. She gave me basic instructions but I was driving blindly thinking “how hard can it be to find a Wal-Mart???” I did find it without difficulty and got my trimmer back :) Thanks for meeting me Sue!

Yesterday I went to a hockey game in town. My friend Leah’s husband was playing. Unfortunately they got slaughtered 10-2 and I got a puck in the shoulder. Better me then their 15 month old daughter though!!!

So there, you are up-to-date on my oh so exciting life :P

Tonight I’m due to give blood…guess I’d better start drinking water!



Veronica in Aus said...

Yes - I was looking for your updates yesterday....;)

Love the exchage with the border guard - I can just imagine how it would have gone down if you'd answered scrapbooking for what do you scrapbook LOL

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Love that scrapbooking was the answer.
Kids can be fun to keep occupied in Sunday school. Some of the crafts Ian's grandma comes up with are really cute. But the prep isn't fun, fortunately for her she can just walk over from the parsonage to the church to get things ready.

Martha said...

Border crossing stories seem to be so much more interesting in these post 9-11 days. Thanks for sharing!

Emmy said...

Love the border crossing story! Next time haul out some photos or try and sell the power sort *lol*