Thursday, May 11, 2006

Temporal Mandible Joint Syndrom

Okay I don't have the syndrom (I don't think) but according to the doctor, I sprained my Temporal Mandible Joint. I've had a pain in my ear/jaw for the past three days and yesterday I stopped by the clinic on my way home. That's what he diagnosed it as. Basically he figures I've stretched the ligament out. There's not much I can do aside from eating soft food, using a warm compress if I want and taking advil. It's weird though. I didn't know you could sprain your jaw :P

BTW the temporal "bone" is the one in your head where your temple is. The Mandible is your jaw. The joint is where they connect.

I told everyone on SS and I googled it and apparently it's more common then you'd think. Up to 30% of women suffer from it and one website even says it's a common strain for people in desk jobs.

The doctor (who was fresh out of med school himself) said that there are actually two doctors at UBC who specilize in this joint. That's it. That is ALL they study.

I hate being a stat :P


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