Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bad Technology Day

This has been a horrible day technology wise. First my fax machine isn’t working. Okay, so I ask for an important fax to be sent to the office across the hall…never happens.

Then one of the staff computers won’t log on because “The current time on this computer and the current time on the network are different.” Yeah? So? They want me to contact my system administrator. Well getting a call back from him is like getting a call from the head of national security. Practically impossible.

Next? My boss can’t print from his computer. Long, long story and an unsolvable situation.

Okay, so we can’t log on to the staff computer, let’s try a different work station. YEAH! We got in…but…the database management system won’t work on that system. $!#@!!@$!#@

Now? THE %$@##$@ INTERNET IS DOWN!!! The isp people say it is the phone company’s fault.

Do I have bad karma or screwy cosmic energy or something? This isn’t fair!!!

~Heidi…blogging via a saved word document…

PS The system administrator called and we figured out that the computer had decided that it was November 6, 2011. Hello??? So, after venturing into areas that no self-respecting-non-nerd should even know EXIST, I managed to reset it. Now it works. Phew!

PPS the internet is (obviously) back. I will triumph!!!


Veronica in Aus said...

uh oh! Sounds like some gremlins at's your virus protection there?

No one should have to live without internet. I mean, seriously ;)

Mel said...

You and me both... I could not use my work email... so the IT person worked on it and couldn't figure it out and did some stuff and all of a sudden it worked... you must be spreading some crazy gremlins.


agent713 said...

Virus protection? Well, my co-worker picked one up online the other day...virus' don't affect fax machines and telephones though do they?

Mel, what do you need work email for anyways? ;)


Veronica in Aus said...

Well, I didn't mean that the virus had got the fax as well - thought it could have done where I work - since we receive faxes through the computer ;)

The computer problems certainly sounds like a virus is a possibility though