Thursday, January 05, 2006

I am GOOD!

On December 23rd I posted about the opportunity you have to subscribe to my blog. I am subscribed to a few an it is AWESOME!!! No more random patrolling of blogs that aren't updated regularly.

Today I figured out how to add the subscription option to the sidebar here on my blog. YEAH ME!

If anyone doesn't have the subscription option set up please do it. It's so nice :) It's really easy too. When you subscribe to my blog via feedblitz you can follow the steps to offer subscription to your blog as well.

Happy Blogging!



Mel said...

Yippee... there ya go!!

(now where is the link to my blog???? ;) )

And yes, I agree it is nice - though I still like to check blogs personally... I know if I am on the road I could still check everyone's that way.

Veronica in Aus said...

And did you know you can subrscribe to blogs that don't offer feedblitz as well??

I've done it with all my faves and I just get one email a day listed all that have updates - love it!