Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Singles

The only problem with listening to the radio as much as I do is I get tired of hearing the current singles of my favourite artists. So far everytime I hear CALC I listen too it through but I admit to not listening to George's "She Let Herself Go" or Brad and Dolly singing "When I Get Where I'm Going".

Over the past little while, a bunch of new singles have hit the radio.
Kenny - "Living in Fast Forward" <- GREAT driving music
Dierks - "Settle for a Slowdown" <- not what I would have chosen for a single but a great song none the less
Blaine Larsen - "I Don't Know What She Said" <- It's high time for new music from Blaine and this is a great song.
Garth & Trisha - apparently their new duet is out. I haven't heard it yet but I'll listen for it.

Also George just logged his fifty second number one hit (on all charts) with SLHG so I expect a new single from him soon. Brad & Dolly are almost at the top as well. I'm hoping his next song will be "The World". We'll have to wait and see!



Emmy said...

LIFF is going to go on my CD I haven't made yet of driving music ... it's great driving music, so is STMTS which I heard this morning :) And I heard John Mellencamp which is good driving music ... haven't heard the new Dierks or Garth/Trisha yet ...

~D~ said...

I love SLHG i hate to admit it but i swear that should be my mother's theme song, lol I love it though it is a good one for him, and I am glad to see something just a little different from him...

I am stuck on Toby though... Big blue note, lol

agent713 said...

Di, I heard STMTS this afternoon on the way home and thought of you while I was dancing in my seat :D

I heard the new Garth/Trisha one again. It's a good song premise, (called "love will always win") but it does nothing for me as a song. Hopefully it will grow on me.

Dawnn, I agree that it's nice to hear something different from George. SLHG is a very empowering song, for every woman.

Toby, have you seen the music video? Very funny. I appreciate that song so much more now :)