Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Dierks and Starbucks. What more can a girl ask for? What am I talking about you ask? The cover duet that Dierks Bentley and George Jones did this summer of Alan Jackson and George Strait's "Murder on Music Row". I had heard that they had recorded it but yesterday I found out that it will be released through Starbucks! There are two independent sites that confirm this:

Lonesome Standard Time
July 30, 2005 -- Larry's song, Murder on Music Row, is being recorded by George Jones and Dierks Bentley for a CD that will be available through Starbucks Coffee!

80's Music Central
The Country Music Association's 2001 Song Of The Year, "Murder On Music Row" by Alan Jackson & George Strait, has been covered by George Jones and Dierks Bentley to be included in a new CMA Song Of The Year covers album expected to be sold at Starbucks.

Note that it was recorded right around my birthday? That means it was done special for me ;) Now to find a release date...


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