Thursday, January 19, 2006

Concert Review


That's the one word description I'm assigning to this concert. Absolutely fantastic. Everything I hoped it would be.

Traffic going in was pretty decent and it was dry all evening for a change. Had a yummy spaghetti dinner at Jenna's, found free parking on the far side of Playland and walked over to the Pacific Collesium. The tickets said "no cameras" which is typical for that venue so I put it in my inside jacket pocket. Of course this time they patted us down :rolleyes: so the chick asked what it was. I pulled it out and said "a camera" and she didn't even blink. I guess since it's not a big fancy one she didn't care. I got my three dollar bottle of water (which they had to pour into a cup for "security reasons") and we were in our seats just as Terri Clark took the stage.

She was so much fun :) She is very proud to be Canadian and to be preforming in her home country. She has a huge repetoire of songs so she sang some shorter versions of her older songs, her biggest hits and a few cuts off her brand new cd. She was great at interacting with the fans with lots of funny comments.

She opened with 'Life Goes On' and in no particular order played:
- I Just Wanna Be Mad
- Better Things to Do
- She Didn't Have Time
- When Boy Meets Girl
- Emotional Girl
- You're Easy on the Eyes
- Damn Right (which will be her new single)
- Honky Tonk Song
- Now That I Found You (before which she warned the guys in the audience that it was a love song and they were free to go pee or get a beer or something ;P)
- If I Were You
- No Fear
- Girls Lie Too
- I Wanna Do It All

It really was more than an opening act. Like Jenna said, it was almost a split concert. Very cool since Jenna is a huge Terri Clark fan and I'm a huge Brad fan :D

For an encore, Terri came back onto the stage in a Canucks jersey and Fin, the Canucks mascot was with her, wearing a cowboy hat.

Brad Paisley came on around 8:30. I loved Terri but I got tingles when he hit the opening chords on "The World" So so cool!!! I've been wanting to see him in concert for FOREVER so this was awesome :D He definitely didn't disappoint, although it was over WAY before I would have liked!

I took lots of pictures but I didn't start balancing my camera on the seat until later so the last half is when I got my best shots. I also danced lots, clapped until my hands hurt and sang along to every song :)

Brad's song list (also in no particular order)
- The World
- Wrapped Around
- Little Moments
- When I Get Where I'm going (which, even without Dolly Parton doing back up vocals, ROCKED. I didn't miss her at all, even though I love what she adds to the song)
- Alcohol
- Celebrity
- I'll Take You Back (with an introduction by Little Jimmy Dickens via "satellite")
- Easy Money
- Time Warp (the song that's been nominated for a grammy. He used this one to introduce the band. Even though they're all from California he introduced them as being from BC cities which was kind of fun. This one, along with others, was accompanied by animation done by Brad specifically for the concerts. It was almost as fun as watching him!)
- Mud on the Tires
- Me Neither
For the acoutstic set Brad sat down and made comments about how happy he was to be in Canada and how some of the band members thought it was a marajuana leaf on the flag (and judging by the smell in the air they weren't too far off :rolleyes:) Then he strummed the first few bars of "O Canada". Within seconds EVERYONE was singing along and we ended up singing the whole song. It was neat. His acoustic set included:
- He Didn't Have to Be (which was his first Canadian single)
- The Toilet Seat song (dedicated to all the ladies in the audience)
- Whiskey Lullaby (with Alison Krauss on the screen behind him)

We had a good view from our seats even though they were up pretty high. It was nice to not have anyone directly behind us and be able to stand and dance as much as we wanted. During the encore I ran down to the landing and took closer shots while Brad sang "I'm Gonna Miss Her (the fishing song)" Notice his shadow on the amp? The hat? :D
Jenna, thank you for being my "concert buddy" and for the awesome gift of covering for these tickets. "Attend a Brad Paisley concert" was on my list of things to do before I die and now I can check it off :D I couldn't ask for a better friend.

To all of you reading this, I hope you enjoyed it. I can't help but thing "this will certainly make scrapbooking easier!!!" :)

~Heidi...who is DEFINITLEY a concert junkie now :D


Emmy said...

I'm so glad you had a good time but I knew ya would *wink* I love Terri Clark in concert too! Her favorite song of mine is still Easy on the Eyes =)
I thought of you this morning when I got up and put CMT on and Celebrity was playing ... then on my way to work I hard Mud on the Tires :)
So glad you had a good time!!!

agent713 said...

"Easy On The Eyes" Yep, she sang that one too. And when she sang the chorus: "So why don't you send me your photograph, It'd hurt a lot less than taking you back, then I could still have my favorite part of you" she did a cute little butt wiggle ;)

I woke up to CALC this morning :D Really good since I wasn't totally convinced that the alarm would actually go off!


Mel said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert.. I think he is one of the few I have not seen.

~D~ said...

I am so super jealous! I wanted to bust on her eto see the pictures yesterday when di said they were up but my internet kept crashign yesterday, go figure. I am glad you had a great time!!