Thursday, January 12, 2006

Starbucks Sister

Meet Tosin, my Starbucks Sister :)

Last November I went to Pennsylvania for a scrapbooking retreat. Tosin flew in from Ohio. We were touring around Lancaster County and area and what was the only thing either of us cared about? Yep. Starbucks. Sad huh? I fly clear across the continent (via Atlanta, Georgia) to an incredibly cool part of the country with tons of history and cultural significance and I'm looking for a Starbucks...and a Wal-Mart for that matter :P

What can we say? It's good coffee...or chai or whatever we were drinking. It was well worth pursuing :)

Tosin and I decided we were soul mates since we bonded over our pursuit for Starbucks. Of course I love her for other reasons but this is a pretty good one ;)

Thanks to Melissa for capturing this important moment in our lives :D


1 comment:

Mel said...

Hey... thx for the props!! I so love that picture!!!